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Our Mission is to Help Sick and Needy Children with free murals, art supplies, and toys


Artists Helping Children Foundation seeks to enhance the quality of life for sick, abused, or neglected children. These children, burdened by circumstances outside their control, often live in the most sterile and uninviting environments. By painting murals and creating other art for and with the children, we create an enriching and happy atmosphere to encourage their emotional and physical healing and well-being.


If you are a nonprofit or a parent of a terminally ill child, then we can help you. We provide free murals, artwork, art supplies, arts and crafts materials, and toys to sick and needy children. Please post your needs in our Project Management System, and add your information in one or more categories, depending on what you are interested in. The directory is still empty because we just put it up today, but soon it will be full, just like our email box. :-)

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* The organization that you plan to donate the mural to must meet our guidelines.

>Artists Helping Children is a Children's site dedicated to comforting children by empowering artists and others to donate artwork, donated murals, donated art supplies, donated toys and a lot of love to sick and needy children. Artists Helping Children also helps artists by giving them information on how they can help the sick and poor children by volunteering to paint murals and other art for hospitals, shelters, clinics, etc. No child should ever have to be sad or have to suffer, that is why we hope that more artists and individuals will help bring colorful art to white walled institutions. We also give you ideas on how and where to donate crayons, colored pencils, clay, markers, paper, and other arts and crafts supplies ... such as what hospitals and shelters you could use these arts supplies to bring a little hapiness and joy to these childrens' lives and to so many white-walled institutions. We also have filled this site with free coloring pages & coloring printouts for children to color with as well as 1000s of free arts and crafts projects for kids to use when they need some crafts ideas. Read Charity Articles

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