Fun Games & Activities for Kids


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Play the 5 Dots Drawing Game


5 Dots Drawing Game


This is a fun game to play with one of your friends at lunch or just on a boring day when there is nothing else to do. One of you draws 5 dots in any pattern that you want. Your friend then has to somehow figure out how to draw a person out of those 5 dots. One dot for 2 hands, 2 feet, and one in the person's face / head. This will bring on a ton of laughs.


Invisible Pictures Trick


Invisible Crayon Pictures

Prepare the picture before you meet up with your friends. Use white crayon on white paper or yellow crayon on yellow paper, etc. This way the drawing will be invisible. Give your friends some watercolor paints in several colors. Tell them that the magic picture will appear when the picture is painted over with the wet brush. Your friend will love when the picture appears.


Fun Coin & Glass Cup Trick


Fun Coin & Glass Cup Trick


If you have a tablecloth on your table, a glass, and a few coins in your pocket, then today is the perfect day to try a trick out on your friends. Turn a glass upside down and have it stand on top of 2 coins, as you can see in the picture above. Put a 3rd coin under the elevated cup. Ask one of your friends to try to get the coin out without touching the glass. When none of your friends can figure out how to do this. Say 'Hocus Pocus' and scratch the tablecloth near the glass, the coin will start moving towards you and will soon be outside of the cup. This is a fun little game!


Fun Toothpick Tower Games


Fun Toothpick Tower Games


Here's a very fun game! The first player places a toothpick on top of a bottle. The second player does likewise. The object of the game is to keep on piling toothpicks on the bottle without knocking any off. If a player disturbs the pile so that a toothpick rolls off, he loses the round and his opponent scores 1 point. All the toothpicks are then removed and a new toothpick tower is started. The player who scores 10 points first, wins the game.


The Coin and Playing Card Balancing Trick


The Coin and Playing Card Balancing Trick


You can start this trick out by balancing a playing card on the tip of your pointing finger. Now place a nickel on top of the playing card ... and try to balance that. Now hit the card with a pencil or a ruler and the card will fly away quickly, leaving only the nickel balanced on your finger. If you are able to do this, next try to just snap your finger directly forward to fling the card away. It is a hard thing to master. Try to fling your finger without pushing the card up or down but just forward. Good luck.


Talking Hand Puppet Game


Make a Talking Hand Puppet Game

This is a lot of fun to do. Ask your parents if it would be okay to draw on your hand before playing this game though. If they are okay with it, then clench your hand into a fist. With your knuckles facing up and your thumb covering your other fingers, draw a face on your hand. Draw the mouth on the thumb and pointer finger, as pictured above. Draw the nose and eyes right above the mouth. If you have a piece of cloth, a play wig, a handkerchief or a bandana, a doll hat, or other head piece, drape, it around the hand like it is hair. Now make the person speak by carefully moving the knuckle of your thumb up and down. It is a lot of fun and you can make everyone laugh hysterically if you are a funny kid.