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.... Learn More About Panda's Long Journey

Didi's Beautiful Painted Mural Donated to PS 124


If you can take your eyes off of this beautiful Panda Mural, you must read about its long journey. Artists Helping Children sent Didi D'Errico an 8 ft by 5 ft piece of canvas. Didi was very excited to get paint on it. However, first she had to have her loving husband, Carl, to rip apart her closet to make it into an art studio (they live in a small NY apartment). Once Carl finished the studio, she became very ill and wasn't able to paint for about 2 months. Didi was very distressed and disappointed but she was way too ill to work on the mural. When Didi recovered, she brought it to life with a wonderful Panda mural. We had many problems placing a mural this tall since most walls are 7 ft. We didn't want to cut the artwork apart so we waited until we found the best spot for her mural. There were several hospitals who gladly volunteered to take the mural, only to realize later that the mural was too tall. Thankfully, P.S. 124, Didi, and Dennis Tseng of New York Cares crossed paths, and finally the Panda found its home. All of the children at P.S. 124 love the mural!!!

Didi and Child at PS124 Charity School Didi and PS124

March 14, 2006 : Flowers presented to Didi at the P.S. 124 unveiling ceremony of their mascot "Mr. Panda" & friends.

March 14, 2006 : PANDA AT P. S. 124 in Chinatown with children and Principal Alice Hom. Artists Helping Children worked in conjunction with Dennis Tseng of NEW YORK CARES to donate it to the P.S. 124 Elementary School in New York.

Didi D'Errico in Chinese Newspapers for Donating Murals Arthur is Head Custodian of P.S. 124 and Volunteered His Services and Bamboo Frame for Donated Mural

March 14, 2006 : Didi beautiful panda mural donated to P.S. 124 and was publicized in a few Chinese Newspapers.

Arthur Has a Huge Heart: Arthur is the head custodian for P.S. 124 and did a wonderful job framing the Mr. Panda mural. He kept the costs down for AHC by using Bamboo from his own back yard along with friendly parents who also donated some bamboo from their yards as well. Arthur also only charged us for the wood he had to purchase, and not for any of his labor. Arthur - Thank you!!!

Geoff Lee: Pictured above is Geoff Lee, a talented and philonthropic photographer. He sent us these pictures as well as taping the unveiling ceremony at no charge to us. Thank you so much, Geoff!!!


Geoff Lee, Didi D'Errico, Carl D'Errico, Cousin Alma, Judy Cole, & Karl Schroeder : Above (from left to right) is Geoff Lee, Didi, Carl D'Errico, Cousin Alma, Judy Cole, & Karl Schroeder. Judy and her husband Karl, with their support and connections, were able to get Artists Helping Children into Mt. Sinai. If you haven't had a chance to see some of the wonderful work that Didi and her crew magically created, take a look at the Mt. Sinai page to be amazed. Thank you Judy and Karl!!!
Principle Alice Hom,Didi and Carl D'Errico


Carl D'Errico, Didi D'Errico, & Principal Alice Hom : Pictured above is Carl D'Errico, Didi, & Principle Alice Hom who was wonderful throughout the entire process of getting Mr. Panda donated to P.S. 124.


Kelly B RightSell Designs Has Generously Donated a Percent of Proceeds for Our Children's Charity That Has Allowed Us to Give Many More Donated Murals and Donated Toys to Sick Kids
Kelly B. Rightsell Designs
Generously Donates a Percent
of Proceeds to Artists Helping

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* Artists Helping Children is a Children's site dedicated to comforting children by empowering artists and others to donate artwork, donated murals, donated art supplies, donated toys and a lot of love to sick and needy children. Artists Helping Children also helps artists by giving them information on how they can help the sick and poor children by volunteering to paint murals and other art for hospitals, shelters, clinics, etc. No child should ever have to be sad or have to suffer, that is why we hope that more artists and individuals will help bring colorful art to white walled institutions. We also give you ideas on how and where to donate crayons, colored pencils, clay, markers, paper, and other arts and crafts supplies ... such as what hospitals and shelters you could use these arts supplies to bring a little hapiness and joy to these childrens' lives and to so many white-walled institutions. We also have filled this site with free coloring pages & coloring printouts for children to color with as well as 1000s of free arts and crafts projects for kids to use when they need some crafts ideas. Read Charity Articles




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