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A Library Children's Room that is Used for The Head Start Program

13th Street Children's Mural

Bank Street Head Start Library's Children's Room Used for Head Start. This mural is a story book themed room and is gorgeous. The very talented and big-hearted artists who completed this mural are Lauren Rudolph, Tara Macolino, Didi D'Errico (Artists and Project Coordinator), Nereida Martinez, and Azariah Solomon.


Look at the room before the plain walls before the beautiful mural was painted in the Library's Children's Room. The same room looks so much different with the beautiful story-like imagery that was painted all over the walls. Now it is a friendly place for children to visit.
Another before picture of another wall in the 13th Street Library Children's Room. Look at this same wall transformed into a colorful and friendly wall.
Another view of the Children's Room before the beautiful mural was painted. Here is Tara Macolino standing in front of the beautiful fairy-tale wall that she helped to create.
Here you can see from left to right Carl, Azariah, Lauren, Didi, Nereida, and Nell O'Donnell (Administrative Coordinator for Books for Kids Foundation) . Didi D'Errico is an artist as well as the New York Coordinator. Carl is her husband and helps her with every project. Lauren Rudolph is a talented artist as well as the Artist Director. All of these artists have done a wonderful job on the 13t street Children's Room mural. The leaves, butterfly, and bird are so beautiful. Nereida did a great job on these details!!!
Here is Lauren's twin sister Jayme, holding her adorable son, Nathan. Behind her you can see the gorgeous story book that she painted. It is so lifelike. Wow! Richie Rudolph, Lauren, and Jayme's Father wrote the poem for the Reading Ship. Here is a cat and its kittens. They are adorable. Azariah painted these adorable kittens and Didi finished the eyes and added definition to the blades of grass.
Look at another view of the adorable mural. I love the fish jumping over the circle. The children on the clouds, and the turtle are also a wonderful addition to this mural. This view shows the kittens, sunflowers, the frog, sun and moon, and more.
A wall that says "Once Upon a Time In A Land Far Away". Lauren is sitting back and taking in all the beautiful imagery that she helped create in a once boring room. This room is no longer boring, it is now a friendly and intriguing room to children of all ages.
Lauren, Didi, and Azariah are very proud of their beautiful creation - and they should be. Lauren, Azariah, and Didi waving through the open doorway.
Kids Enjoying Reading in the Newly Painted Library Look how the library looks with the furniture placed back in
I can tell already, the kids love the new look!! Don't you love how the furniture, toys, and books look so colorful along with the mural?
Kids Enjoying Reading in the Newly Painted Library Look how the library looks with the furniture placed back in
Here is another picture with a view of how the room looks like with the books and furniture placed back in the room. Everyone looks like they approve of the new library room. I think everyone, especially the kids, adore the new room.
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