How to Make Stand-up Paper Turkeys

Today we are going to make Stand-up Turkeys made out of paper.  This is a great craft for young children as there are a limited amount of steps.  However, children of all ages will enjoy this craft.  These will be great little turkeys for decorating the Thanksgiving table for your big Turkey Day celebration.

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How to Make Stand-up Paper Turkeys

Materials Needed

Paper or Cardstock


Crayons, Markers or Watercolors


Step 1

8 x 11 size Template

Printable Stand-up Turkey Template


Large Template

Printable Large Template for Stand-up Turkeys

Click on one of the templates above to open in a new window.  One template is 8×11 and the other is quite a bit larger.  Click on the template size you want then print off.


Step 2

Once you have printed off the template…  cut out along the dark lines.  Then fold items on the dotted lines.  Feel free to color or paint your turkeys to really bring them to life.


Finished stand-up turkey

There you go…. you just finished making Stand-up Paper Turkeys.  Make many Turkeys and decorate your house for Thanksgiving.

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