14 Fun Crafts made from Tights

14 Fun Crafts made from Tights

I was roaming the internet recently and came across some crafts I just had to show you.  I found 14 totally fun and amazing crafts that are made from tights.  These crafts are a great way to recycle the tights that your kids have grown out of.  I know how quickly my kids grow out of their tights.  Well, instead of throwing them away… these crafts are an awesome way to reuse them.  Plus, these crafts are so much fun.  So, round up those old tights and let’s have some crafting fun.

14 Fun Crafts made from Tights

(1) Butterfly Fairy Wings

Butterfly Fairy Wings

When my daughter was younger she would have loved this Butterfly Fairy Wing craft.  I found this craft over at FunInTheMaking.net and it’s a fun one.  Go check the craft out and have fun making it with your little girl.


(2) Sleepy Snake

Sleepy Snake

Now, here is a fun craft to do with your little one.  FreeKidsCrafts shows you how to take a gray pair of tights and turn it into this adorable sleepy snake.  It’s a fun and easy craft you can do with your youngest of crafters.


(3) Necklace


Yep…. this necklace is actually made from old tights.  Look how beautiful the necklace is too…  it really is lovely.  I found this craft over at Smaggle and I absolutely love it.  This isn’t an easy craft so you will need to help your kids a bit.


(4) Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

I don’t know about your little girl, but my daughter loves fingerless gloves.  She loves wearing them around the house…. they really are quite the fashion statement.  At any rate, WikiHow shows you how to take a pair of tights and make them into fingerless gloves easily.


(5) Baby Headbands

Baby Headbands

If you have a baby girl you know that you can never have enough of those soft baby headbands.  Well, UCreate shows you how to make these beautiful baby girl headbands from tights step-by-step.


(6) Sausage Dog

Sausage Dog Draught Excluder

Isn’t this sausage dog cute?  You would have no idea that it is not a stuffed animal, but actually something to help keep the draft out.  Keep this Sausage Dog by your front or back door to keep the cold air out.  TheGuardian shows you this craft tutorial.


(7) Flowers


Here is a fun craft for the girls.  KeepItSimpleSister shows you how to make these beautiful flowers from your tights.  Notice how the flowers turn out so beautifully that they show the flowers being worn on the lapel of a shirt or jacket.  Simply lovely.


(8) Critters That Keep Out the Cold

Critters That Keep Out the Cold

Earlier in this post I showed you a Sausage Dog that keeps drafts out.  Well, now I’m going to show you a snake that has the ability to do the same thing.  FamilyFun shows you how to make many critters that do this same thing.  The real challenge is figuring out which critter you are going to make.


(9) Pantyhose Petals

Pantyhose Petals

Here is a beautiful flower corsage that anyone would be thrilled wearing.  Craftzine explains how this flower craft can be use to dress-up any veil, corsage or centerpiece.  So, you really aren’t very limited with this craft…. and it turns out beautifully.


(10) Octopus Toy

Octopus Toy

Check out how cute this Octopus toy is!!  It is so adorable….. any child would love playing and cuddling with it.  And, the truly awesome part is it is a craft made from tights.  RedTedArt shows you how to make this plush toy step-by-step…. so make sure to check it out.


(11) Scarf


Here is one of those fun and useful crafts that turn out so beautifully that you are left wondering if you should keep it for yourself or give it as a gift.  ObstinatePursuit shows nicely how you too can make this scarf.


(12) Rapunzel Hair

Rapunzel Hair

If your little girl is in to Rapunzel even a little bit…. then this is the tight craft for you.  TheWeekendHomemaker shows you how to make this Rapunzel Hair Wig for yourself.  Your little girl will love wearing it while watching the movie.


(13) Old Fashioned Snowman

Old Fashioned Snowman

Here is an awesome craft for the entire Winter Season.  Craftbits shows you step-by-step how to make this fabulous snowman.  No one will know that one of the materials needed are tights…. well, unless you tell them of course.  It’s so cute!!


(14) A Cute Caterpillar

A Cute Caterpillar

I love this cute Caterpillar.  It just might be my favorite Tights Craft out of them all.  Made from tights and Styrofoam balls…. this craft is just so adorable.  Get the step-by-step how-to’s over at Crafts’nCoffee.

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