Make Easy Hanukkah Ornaments Crafts for Kids with Push pins

Celebrate Hanukkah by hanging these easy-to-make Hanukkah ornaments in your home…the best part is that they only take five minutes to make. Yay! You don’t have to have a Christmas tree to have fun, you and your children can decorate your home for Hanukkah and have just as much fun. These Hanukkah ornaments¬† are easy and fun to make and look very beautiful as well. If you have any ideas for other Hanukkah ornaments, please let us know (in the comments below) and we will post them and give credit to you as well.

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Hanukkah Ornament Craft for Kids

Easy to Make Hanukkah Ornaments with Push Pins : Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids for Kids, Teens, Preschoolers


Craft materials required:

Push pins- blue colored ( star shaped ones would be great)

White satin ribbon

Thin Paper




Step 1

Crunch up a piece of thin paper to make a ball


Step 2

Use long pieces of tape to go around the ball and hold it together in the shape of a ball


Step 3

Tape one end of the ribbon to the ball


Step 4

Start wrapping up the ball as shown.


Step 5

Pin down the end of the ribbon after the whole ball is covered.


Step 6

Push in more pins all over the ball to decorate it.


Step 7

Take another piece of white ribbon and put it through one of the loops as shown.


Step 8

Hang it up in your house for everyone to enjoy!!


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