Make Mom a Mother’s Day Flower Card Crafts Activity for Kids

Mother’s Day is a special day for Moms and all Moms want to be treated special on that day (and all days actually). Make this beautiful card for mother’s day with the following easy directions for the following arts and crafts activity for kids. Its something new, unique and different and I’m sure mom will love it!!

Make Mom a Mother’s Day Flower Card Crafts Activity for Kids

Craft materials required:

Thick colored paper



Step 1

Fold a piece of paper the size of a card into two

Step 2

Cut a few strips of colored paper about 1/4th of an inch wide.


Step 3

Roll it into a ball as shown.

Step 4

Leave it loose to get the effect shown below. Glue the end of the roll, so that it cannot unravel further.

Step 5

Now press one edge between your fingers so that it looks like a petal

Step 6

Make a few petals like this and glue them together as shown.

Step 7

Cut a strip of green paper of the same width

Step 8

Roll it around a crayon

Step 9

cut out a piece about 3 inches long

Step 10

Fold the edge as shown

Step 11

Glue the other end to the folded part to make a leaf.

Step 12

Glue it on your card to make a flower as shown below. Write a message for your mom and give it to her.

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