How to Make Flower Vases With Recycled Plastic Bottles

This is a recycling and a Mother’s Day Present Arts and Crafts Activity for Kids to Make. Recycling can be your way of taking care of the environment. Here’s a great craft activity that makes it really fun to recycle. Make a flower vase out of an old plastic bottle and then put fresh flowers in it for Your Mom. The simple step by step illustrated instructions follow.

How to Make Flower Vases With Recycled Plastic Bottles Gift for Mom on Mother’s Day

Craft Materials Needed

Plastic bottle

White paper

acrylic glitter glue




Step 1

With the help of an adult cut off the top of the bottle


Step 2

Cut a piece of paper wider than the circumference of the bottle and slightly longer than the length of the bottle

Step 3

Roll the paper around the bottle and glue it in place.

Step 4

Draw a design on the outside of the bottle

Step 5

Go over the design with acrylic glue. Allow to dry. Put some flowers in the vase and surprise mum!!

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  1. Made this today turned out great thanks for the idea hav so many plastic bottles and have always wanted to turn them into something cool thank you
    Put these instructions onto my blog to show other people how to recycle plastic bottles!!

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