Halloween Spooky Ghostly Rattle Noise Maker House Decoration Craft

This is a fun arts and crafts project to use to scare Trick-or-Treaters when they get to your house. Hide behind a bush or something and pull the string to make a spooky, ghostly chains type of rattle every time a new visitor comes to your house. This can also be used to announce a new guest arrival to a Halloween party or to a Haunted House Party. Have fun.

How to Make a Scary Porch Decoration and Noise Maker for Halloween


– At least 3 large tin cans with removable lids

– Something to Punch a Hole in Cans (Parental Supervision and Guidance Recommended)

– Rope or Cord – about 5 inches in length

– Pebbles

– Glue or Tape

– (optional) Paint or Tin Foil

Step 1

Obtain at least 3 large tin cans each having a removable lid. Punch a hole in the center of the bottom of each and in the center of each lid with parental supervision. These holes should be large enough to permit the passage of a rope through them.

Step 2

Grab a rope or cord. The rope should be of clothesline thickness and about 5 feet in length. String the cans and their lids on the rope one at a time.


Step 3

To hold each can in place tie a knot outside the bottom of each one.

Step 4

After the cans have been strung in place put a handful of small pebbles in each can and clamp the covers in place somehow…with glue or another way, such as tape.

Step 5

If you have time, decorate the cans by painting them or wrap tin foil around them.

Step 6

Hang the rattle on a porch beam. Each time a guest arrives, grasp the tail end of the rope and shake the can rattle to annouch his arrival to the other guests .

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