Kwanzaa Greeting Card Making Crafts for Kids

Make an African Styled Art Kwanzaa Greeting Card to celebrate Kwanzaa this year. This card is very simple to make and just requires some paper , scissors and glue. The simple instructions for making this colorful Kwanzaa greeting card are as follows.

kwanzaa greeting card

Kwanzaa Greeting Card Making Crafts for Kids

Craft materials required:

colored paper- choose two bright, vibrant colors

Thick card paper- white



Step 1

Take a piece of thick card, the size you want, And fold it in half as shown.

Step 2

Cut out srtips of paper in both colors as shown.

Step 3

Cut out a strip of paper with jagged edges as shown. Do this in both colors.

Step 4

Arrange the paper strips in any arrangement you like to make a colorful Kwanzaa card.


kwanzaa greeting card

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