How to Play the Turkey Game – Turkey Printable

If you are looking for a cute game to occupy the kids during the Thanksgiving Holiday I have one for you.  It’s a Turkey printable that is actually a game too.  Simply print off for the kids and with just a few materials you should be good to go.  No more bored children during the Thanksgiving football games…. just let them play the Turkey game.

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How to Play the Turkey Game – Turkey Printable


Materials Needed

Printer & Paper

Brown Construction Paper

Pen or Marker





How To:

Print off the Turkey template below.  Click on the image to make larger and to print.

Print off the above Turkey Template

Cut out turkey then color.  Cut slits on broken lines around tail feathers.  Print letters on all feathers.  Paste turkey on brown piece of construction paper, being careful not to paste near the slits.  Cut extra feathers, crayon and print letter on each.  Mix the extra letters.  When they are slipped through the correct slit on the turkey, they spell GIVE THANKS.


Finished Turkey Printable

And, that’s it….  simple and fun.  Gotta love that!!  Enjoy playing the Turkey game.

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