Bunny Ears Easter Bunny Craft Idea for Kids

finished-finished handprint easter bunny craft for kids

Easter is not so far away anymore so I thought that I would share with you an adorable Easter bunny craft for young children and preschoolers … even older children will enjoy it. With just a few craft materials that are probably already around your house, you will be able to make a cute Easter Bunny with your child’s own handprints.  Not only will this be a fun arts and crafts activity, but it can also be a keepsake to keep forever. You will be surprised at how fast your little one’s hands grow when you look back at past crafts activities. Have fun.

Easter Bunny Ears Craft for Kids : How to Make an Easter Bunny with Your Child’s Handprints


Crafts Supplies to Make Easter Bunny with Ears with Child's Handprints

Gather all the Craft Supplies That You Will Need:

1. Construction paper, White, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Markers or crayons
5. Cotton ball

Trace Your Kids Handprints for Easter Bunny Handprints Craft for Kids

1 – Sit your son or daughter down at a table and then trace his hand on a clean piece of paper. Now cut out your child’s hand onto a white piece of construction paper as shown in the picture above.

2 Handprints Easter Bunny Craft for Children

2 – Now, take out a piece of pink construction paper. Out of this pink piece of construction paper, cut out 2 “slivers” that fit into the first 2 fingers of the white handprint and then glue them  into place.

3- Handprint Easter Bunny Craft for Kids

3 – The next step is to fold over the third and fourth fingers and the thumb and then glue them  into place.

4- handprint Easter Bunny craft for kids

4 – Now cut the bottom of the green piece of paper and the corner of the yellow piece of paper to make the grass and the sun.

5- handprint easter bunny craft for kids

5 – Cut a white oval for the bunny’s body. Then glue the hand as the bunny’s head, and the cotton ball as the bunny’s cottontail. Now you can glue the grass and sun into place.

6-handprint easter bunny craft for kids

6 – Now that all of the above steps are complete you can draw a cute bunny face. You might have to wait if the bunny’s face is still wet from the glue.

finished-finished handprint easter bunny craft for kids

7 – You can add cut-out paper Easter eggs or other Easter themed decorations if you want!!

You are finished. Take a look at your child’s masterpiece and enjoy. Happy Easter!



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  1. Wow, thanks for posting my Easter blocks on your website. I hope everyone enjoys them and catches the crafty bug and makes some themselves.
    Great site. Can’t wait to come back and get ideas to do with my own kids. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad to post a link to it. 🙂 I hope to link to your site more in future posts. 🙂


  3. Hi Brenda. Thank you so much. I’m glad that you like the site. Your site is pretty cool too. I’ll add you guys to my blogroll too. 🙂

  4. i also like arts and crafts sounds like a fun project to make paper easter bunny’s
    i will try it at home at my arts and crafts table with my dad

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