The Handbag Addiction Starts Early With a Felt Purse


If your little girl wants to be just like Mommy and the big girls with her own purse, this is a creative way to give in without actually spending money on expensive accessories for a pint-sized clothes horse. It could easily be made as a pouch or satchel for a boy as well.


Crafts Materials That You Will Need:

One full sheet of felt or scraps to equal two half sheets
Hole punch (if you don’t have a new and well working hole punch this could be a painstaking process)
At least 3 feet of ribbon (I repurposed ribbon from a gift)
A button about the size of a quarter with large holes
A pipe cleaner


1. Cut your felt so you have two half sheets. Then, fold one sheet 1/3 of the way down and cut off the top third. (See next photo.)


2. Line up pieces of felt and evenly punch five holes in the side and two on the bottom of both pieces. Then punch two more holes at top center of the shorter piece for your button.


3. Cut the top of the longer piece into a flap for your purse.


4. Thread your button with a 3″ piece of pipe cleaner, twist to secure. Thread it through the holes you punched in the middle of the top of the shorter piece of felt, twist to secure, and cut off excess.


5. Thread ribbon through holes in purse as you would if you were sewing.


6. cut a slit into your flap for the button hole and voila!

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  1. hai……………i am very thankfull 2 u………..i made it and present it 2 my best friend’s baby.she like it verymush……thanQ…………………………………………

  2. sooooo cool i want to do it so made but i dont have the right stuff to do it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. tnks but its a litel CHILDISH ( i wanted 1 for me /14 year old , )
    though i like it i need 2 save money

  4. kids should be thinking of being kids not adults
    and having fun being kids

  5. nice idea, but kinda looks thrown together. I would make the ribbon smaller stitches along the bag, so that it holds together better. maybe double the layer of felt too. little girls always want their own purse, to be just like their mommy. nothing wrong with that. doesn’t mean they’re being ‘too grown up’ making this craft! all in all, a nice easy craft idea. great to do on a rainy day with a little girl. thanks for the share.

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