Easy Pinwheel Pencil Craft for Kids for Independence Day on July 4th


Easy Pinwheel Pencil Craft for Kids for Independence Day on July 4th


This article was written in the Spring, and as Fourth of July is tomorrow, I thought of pinwheels and how with red, white, and blue paper, they could be very festive on a hot fourth of July night. Although this article was intended for Spring, when the days are windier, I think it is a good thing that this article was pushed to Fourth of July, as I think your children will have a lot of fun using these pinwheels tomorrow night.

Pinwheels are such an easy craft.  I remember making them as a young child all the way back to kindergarten and I remember being really proud of my accomplishment as the wind spun it around and around on the walk home.

Today, I love making pinwheels with my kids because they get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.  They are very easy to use and they only require a few supplies that most people have in their homes or home offices.

To Celebrate fourth of July, just use paper that is red, white, and blue and make sure to keep these pinwheels away from any sparks created by sparklers or any other types of miniature fireworks items that kids use for fun. Have fun and Happy Fourth of July.

Pinwheel Pencil Craft for Kids: How to Make a Pinwheel Pencil


Gather all the Craft Supplies That You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil with an eraser
  • Paper (I like to use a printed paper that has a print on one side but you can use any type of paper)
  • Pushpin


1 – Cut out a square of paper.  I use about 8 inch by 8 inch paper for this craft.


2 – Fold the paper in half on the diagonal line so you make a triangle.  Unfold so that the paper is creased.


3 – Repeat the process with the other diagonal.  Unfold again.


4 – With the printed paper facing down, mark a line on the crease with your pencil. The line should be a third of the way up from the center of the paper.  Do this on all four diagonal lines.


5 – Carefully cut the diagonal crease until your scissors reach the guideline.  Repeat on all four diagonals.


6 – Take on corner and fold it into the center of the paper.  It should form a loop and you shouldn’t flatten it at all.  Leave it loose.


7 – Take the next corner, it should be every other corner, and bring that in the exact same way.

8 – Repeat the process until you have one loop, then one straight, then one loop, then one straight paper; forming a pinwheel.


9 – Connect together in the center with a pushpin.


10 – Push the pin into the eraser on the tip of your pencil.

And that is all it takes to make a pinwheel.  Easy but with hours of fun and a few cute decoration for your pencil.

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