Personalize & Decorate Your School Book Bags / BackPacks with Sharpie Markers

How to Draw on and Decorate Your School Book Bags and Back Packs

Personalize Your Backpacks by Drawing on and Decorating Your Book Bags with Sharpie Markers


My daughter, Sarah, wanted to make her school backpack to look extra special this year. As a Mom who loves to draw, I figured that I would put my talents to use and brainstorm with her to find out what sort of pictures I should draw on her backpack.You don’t have to be a an artist to put together a personalized backpack, but if you or your child loves to draw, then this book bag decoration craft will be even more fun for you or your child.

Step 1 – Planning Stage

Being a very girly girl, Sarah wanted flowers, hears, and a lot of cute furry animals. I put a sketch together for her (as you can see below) and she loved what I put together for her book bag project. Before you draw on a your school book bag, take a scrap piece of paper and plan out your backpack’s design.

Sketch Out Ideas Before Drawing Them on Your BackPacks

Sketch Out Ideas Before Drawing Them on Your BackPacks

Crafts Materials Needed:

Book Bag / Back Pack (light-colored book bags work best)

Scrap Paper



Sharpie Markers (or Permanent Markers) or some sort of fabric paint

Step 2 – Pencil and Then Pen Draw Your Sketch onto Your Bag

Get your book bag out and draw your sketch onto the bag in PENCIL FIRST. When you are sure that you like the way your design looks, then you can use a black sharpie to draw out the lines permanently. The thicker and darker the lines are drawn, the sharper the design will look. Take a look at Marvel Comics to see what I mean.

Draw with Permanent Sharpie Markers on Your School Book Bags

Step 3 – Color in Your Designs on Your School BackPack

Now the fun part, either use fabric paint or colored Sharpie Markers to color in your designs. Have fun. You can darken the black outlines and make them thicker to make each illustration stand out more.

How to Draw on and Decorate Your School Book Bags and Back Packs

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  1. im in college and carry these backpack kinda bags to class,could u suggest something cool to do with them?

  2. Hi there. Here are a bunch of ..articles about cool ways to decorate your backpack.

    but if you want to do something easy to do …go to an arts and crafts store and buy cool iron-ons and pins that represent who you are and put them all over your bag or just draw all over your bag like I did – but don’t make the mistake that I made…buy a very light colored bag (my daughter’s bag was too dark). Good luck.

  3. I am looking for ideas that children can do for themselves. I teach a preschool class and think it is very important for each child to create and express their own ideas on the bookbag. This would require a no fail approach. One idea I was thinking of is having them color flowers and trees on the bag with sharpie markers and then hot glueing silk flower tops and leaves onto the bags but it is difficult to come up with ideas that appeal to more boys. I know they love Lego’s and cars but it is difficult for 5 year olds to express this. My assitant and I will assist with the glue gun but we do not want to ‘do’ their project for them. We want them to have ownership over this. Any ideas?

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