How to make a Pen and Pencil Holder for Fall with Seeds and a Cardboard Tube

Here is a pen and pencil holder craft that is easy to make and a great craft for kids during the Autumn / Fall season. This pencil holder is made with a recycled cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll. Use seeds and paint or markers to decorate the cardboard tube. Find the crafts instructions below. Your kids will love this one. Below the Step by step tutorial is offered by Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade

How to Make an Autumn Pencil Holder with Colorful Seeds and a Recycled Toilet Paper Roll

How to make a Pen holder decorated with seeds


– empty paper towel or toilet paper roll
– lid
– pumpkin seeds
– craft glue
– scissors
– paints (silver, gold, black)
– paintbrush

Step 1.

Take the roll…

… and make some cuts on one end, like this.

Bend them outward…

… like this.

Step 2.

Put glue on the folded part …

… and set it on the lid.

Step 3.

Take a seed and apply a layer of glue on one side of it…

… then place it on the roll.

Cover the roll with seeds…

… like this.

Step 4.

You can let it like this or can use metallic paints to add some style to it…or
you can use any colors that you like. If your parents don’t want you to paint,
you can use markers instead.

Like this 🙂

I hope that your pencil / pen holder looks fantastic. Keep it on your desk or give it to some one that you care about.

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How to Make Mini People or Dolls as Zipper Pulls as Back to School Craft for Kids

This makes a great back to school craft as this can be used to decorate your backpack! My daughter and I made a few of these to give to her special friends at school. We landed up having to make more than 20 of them to give out to everyone who was asking for them. She couldn’t make enough of them because they were so popular. I think you will love these too. They are very easy to make and you can use different materials each time. Any bead size or thread color will work. Just have fun and be creative with it!

How to Make Mini People or Dolls as Zipper Pulls as Back to School Craft for Kids

mini doll zipper pulls

Crafts Materials Needed:

– beads

– embroidery thread, yarn, string, or thread

– pipe cleaners

– scissors

– (Optional) metal snap spring hooks

Step 1


I started off with a round bead that already had a face drawn on it. You can use paint or a Sharpie to draw 2 eyes and a mouth on a round bead if you don’t have face beads already.

Then put a pipe cleaner thru the bead. The  beaded head should be in the center of the pipe cleaner, as seen above.

Step 2


– Now put the pipe cleaner that is thru the top of the head back down into the top of the head again until there is a loop….as seen above. The legs (bottom 2 pieces of the pipe cleaner) should match up too.

Step 3


Take some embroidery thread (or whatever you have available) and fold it in half a few times (as you see that I did above). Then stick it in the loop hole, as seen above.


If you want to make this a zipper pull, put a metal hook on it (optional…only for zipper pulls). Then Pull the pipe cleaner legs downwards so that the pipe cleaner on top of the head closes down on the hair and hook.

Step 4


Cut the loops that are in the embroidery thread so that it resembles hair.

 Step 5


Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Wrap it around the top of the body, so you will have arms.

 Step 5 b


Like in the above picture.

Step 6


Take the other half of the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the chest area as I did above.

Step 7


– Now we can place beads on the arms and legs. I have long beads, but you can also use multiple small round or oval beads. Then just push the pipe cleaner back into the bead to make it so the beads can’t fall off.

 Step 7 b


– This is what it looks like when all the beads are on there.

Finished Bead People

Finished Mini Figures

– My daughter originally only made a few of these for her to give to her closest friends. It lands up everyone in the class were BEGGING her to give them one. We landed up making enough for the entire class. Kids do Love these! Even boys! I hope that you had fun!

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How to Make a Sewn Notebook Cover with Cute Bunny on Top for Girls

School is about to start yet again and we thought you would love this craft to make a hand-sewn notebook cover. It is a super cute notebook cover that includes a stuffed bunny rabbit at the top. You love to write on it!  Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how make it.

How to Make a Sewn Notebook Cover with Cute Bunny on Top for Girls

How to Make a Sewn Notebook Cover with Cute Bunny on Top for Girls



– light colored fabric
– pink felt
– pen
– notebook
– scissors
– pink ribbon
– pink bead for the nose
– instant glue
– filling material
– black paint marker


Step 1

Fold the felt in half and place the notebook over it.


Let about 0.5 cm on both parts (left and right) and cut the extra felt.


Step 2.

Sew the two parts together until you reach about 3/4 of it.


Measure with the notebook if the height is OK. You should have about 2.5 cm to the notebook spire.


Step 3.

Put the ribbon here …


… and sew it in place.


Like this.


Step 4.

Continue sewing for another 3 cm then fold the felt backward…


And sew the parts together. This way, the upper part will be stronger.


Do the same on the other part.


The Cover will look like this.


Now separate the default covers of the notebook and put them between the ribbon and felt.


Like this.


This is our notebook 😉 Do you think we can make it cuter?


Step 5.

Of course! Let’s make a bunny! Draw a head with 2 long ears and two small paws on fabric.


Cut them out.


Place it again on fabric and draw the outline. Cut the second bunny out.


Like this.


Step 6.

Start sewing the two parts together. Let’s start with an ear.


When you arrive in this point…


… prepare the filling material…


… and fill the ear.


Then continue to sew until you finish the ear. It is important to sew only a little bit over half, then fill it because if you sew first and then fill, you can’t reach all the corners.


This is the ear finished.


Continue with the other ear…


… the paws, and close the head. Don’t forget to fill it when you sew.


The bunny head looks like this.


Step 7.

Choose a point where you want the nose to be…


… and sew the bead there.


Like this. (If you prefer, you can glue the bead there)


We will put the bunny in the corner.


Sew it in place.


Like this.


Add the notebook and you are almost ready.


Use the paint marker to draw 2 eyes and a mouth for the bunny 😉


And there you have it…the finished notebook cover…the  bunny will keep you company as you write in it…whether is a journal or a school notebook. I hope that you had a lot of fun!

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How to Make a Shark Pencil Holder Pouch

I think you’ll love this pencil pouch … He is so fierce! And when I say ‘He’, I mean Sharky…Sharky the Pencil Pouch. And he will keep your pencils safe as nobody messes with sharks! 😉  Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade will show you, step by step, how to make it this awesome (yet adorable) shark pencil holder pouch.

How to Make a Shark Pencil Holder Pouch

How to Make a Shark Pencil Holder Pouch


– a piece of denim (or other fabric if you don’t have it)
– a piece of black leather or vinyl or different colored fabric
– paints: white and black
– needle and thread
– scissors
– zipper


Step 1.

You need a rectangle piece of denim to make the shark body.  To start, cut two of the corners off. Like this.


Bring the long edges toward the center line…


… and draw a curve, like this. This will be the mouth.


Cut it out and unfold.


Sew the two edges together…


… like this, until you almost reach the end. The shark will have the stitch on his belly.


Step 2.

Take the piece of leather…


… and draw on it a tail, two lateral fins and the central fin.


Cut them out.


Step 3.

It is time to add some teeth to our shark. Flatten the body with the stitch on the middle, like this.


Place the zipper over the mouth…


… and start sewing each part on a side.


Like this.


Cut the extra zipper.


Step 4.

Now is time to assemble all the pieces. Turn it inside out.


This is the other end, where we will attach the tail.


Apply a layer of glue on the start of the tail…


and put it in place. Keep it there a bit until it is glued (take care not to glue your fingers).


Then take a lateral fin…


… put some glue on the starting edge…


… and fix it on the shark body.


Do the same with the other one…


… and with the central fin.


Like this. Our shark looks good but… it is blind!!!


Step 5.

Let’s make the eyes!  Use some white paint to make two white circles.


Like this.


Then some black to complete the eyes.


Let it dry well…


… then you can put some pencils in it 😉


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How to make a Castle Pencil Holder

Here is a unique pencil holder made from recycled toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls). It is also a special pencil holder  for boys, because every boy is a knight who need a castle… of course 😉 Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make it.

How to make a Castle Pencil Holder

Cardboard Tube Castle Pencil Holders


– recycled paper rolls
– scissors
– glue
– paints
– paintbrush
– rectangle cardboard box lid


Step 1.

Cut every roll in half.


Like this.


Step 2.

Use green paint to give the cap color – like grass. You also can use grey for paved roads…


Cover all the surface with paint.


Add as many layers of paint until you are happy with the result.


Step 3.

Let’s give shape to the rolls.


On two bigger rolls draw battlements and one window…


… on the other bigger rolls draw only battlements. Like this.


Cut them off.


Finally, our towers will look like this.


Step 4.

Let’s paint the castle. Mine will be white with some black decorations.


Paint them like this…


Let them dry, then draw your decorations using a toothbrush.


Step 5.

Apply a layer of glue on a tower base


… and put it in its place.


Do the same with all rolls. Let them dry well.


Now your castle is ready to be populated with pens and pencils 😀


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How to Make Glitter Bottle Timers for Timing Reading or Homework or Time Outs

Most kids have gone back to school by now, so I’m sure that you’re kids have too. We thought that this would be a good craft to post because sometimes when doing school work, you need to know how much time has passed. With this timer you can check it in 30 minutes or one hour (60 minutes).  Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you how to make a cute timer.

How to Make Glitter Bottle Timers for Timing Reading or Homework or Time Outs

How to Make Glitter Bottle Timers for Kids


– 0.5 liter recycled plastic bottle
– one and a half glitter glue bottle
– some extra fine glitter
– instant glue
– hot water


Step 1.

Fill about 3/4 of the bottle with hot water.


Step 2.

Add the glitter glue…


like this.


Step 3.

Add the extra glitter.


It will look like this. You should shake the bottle until the glue melts.  Now you can play with the quantities. If you want it go clear faster, just add more water. If you want it to clear slower, add more glitter glue.


When you are happy with the result, use instant glue to fix the cap.


Shake well the timer to start it.


In a half of hour it will look like this.


When an hour is gone, the bottle is clear.


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How to Make Apple Lunch Boxes with Recyled Plastic Soda Bottles

This project is perfect as a “back to school” project. It is very simple and fun, as well as a great way to store your packed lunch. This is also a great way to recycle / upcycle plastic soda bottles. Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  got inspiration for this craft from Creative Jewish Mom. Laura will show you, step by step, how to make this new lunch box.

How to Make Apple Lunch Boxes with Recyled Plastic Soda Bottles


– two 2.5l plastic bottles (the sort where the bottom looks a bit like a flower with five petals)
– scissors
– instant glue
– green felt
– pen


Step 1.

Clear the bottles – remove the labels.


Step 2.

Use the scissors to cut off the end of one bottle.


Like this.



Cut also the end of the other bottle .


Take care to cut one a centimeter taller than the other…


… so you could overlap them and they stick together.


Like this.


Step 3.

Draw two leaves on the felt…


… then cut them out.


Step 4.

Add a bit of glue on the middle of one “flower”…


… and place one leaf on it.


Add the second leaf.


Let it dry and you have an apple lunch box 😉


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How to Make a Steampunk USB Memory Stick Pendant

Here is a Back to School craft that you can work on in the next few weeks. Learn how to take a normal USB memory stick and decorate it with paint and random objects…turn it into a Steampunk masterpiece.You can then wear it around your neck as a special pendant necklace. Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you today how to make this cool and useful pendant.

How to Make a Steampunk USB Memory Stick Pendant


– USB memory stick
– black paint
– silver metallic paint
– bronze powder
– instant glue
– a piece of thin fabric for texture (I use tulle)
– a little wheel
– bronze bead – I use a little stylized flower
– scissors
– paintbrush
– toothpick (useful to put little pieces in place)


Step 1.

First of all, remember that you don’t have to do everything we do…just use our tutorial as a guide. You won’t have the same exact materials as us…but just be creative.

Paint the stick in black.


Like this. Let it dry.


Step 2.

Cut a piece of fabric…


… and wrap it around the stick so as to form creases.


Apply some glue to fix it in place.


Like this.


Add the decorations among the creases. Glue them in place.


Add glue on every edge to fix the fabric.


Let it dry.


Do the same for the cover. It will look like this.


Step 3.

Use your paintbrush to paint the fabric in black. Also paint where the glue reached and bleached the paint.


Like this.


Prior it dry out, add a little bronze powder …


… with your paintbrush.


Like this.


Let it dry well.


Step 4.

Use the silver paint to add a metallic patina on some elements, especially the wheel.


Like this.


Also, add a bit of bronze powder on it, to keep the atmosphere.


Let it dry completely.


Step 5.

Put the cord through the hole on upper part of the stick…


And make a knot. Now you can wear it as a pendant or key chain accessory.


How to Make Pencil Pendants or Necklaces for Back to School

August is here and school is drawing nearer. This is a great Back-To-School Craft … make a cute pendant with a pencil that can still be used. Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade will show you, step by step, how to make it.

How to Make Pencil Pendants or Necklaces for Back to School

How to Make Pencil Pendants or Necklaces for Back to School



– pencil
– glue
– scissors
– white thick thread
– khaki thick thread

Step 1.

Apply a good layer of glue on the pencil (not on the sharpened part)

Step 2.

Begin to cover the bottom of the pencil, wrapping around it the white thread.

Let the center uncovered and make another white part near the other end.

Step 3.

If the glue on the uncovered part is already dry, add another layer. Glue the end of the khaki thread beside the  white thread, and begin to cover the other parts.

The middle one…

… and the upper one (you will go with a khaki thread over the white for that). When you reach the top, make a loop of khaki thread and put glue on it to set it on top of the pendant…

… like this.

Now you can wear it on a chain or cord and, if you forget your pencils… you can use it 😉

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How to Make Doll Pencil Toppers for Back to School

Do you want to create an adorable companion for your time back at school? Here is an easy-to-make doll that can be stored on the top of your pencil. Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make it.

how to make doll pencil toppers for back to school


– pencil
– thick tread
– wooden beads (one white and 6 brown)
– small cloth piece
– matching cord
– a piece of wire
– needle
– rubber tube

Step 1.

Take the thread …

… and spin it on your fingers, like this.

Step 2.

Tie it on the middle with the wire…

… like this.

Put the wire through the white bead – this will be the head of our doll.

Step 3.

Take the rubber tube…

… and make two holes in it with the needle.

Place it under the head, put the wire through the holes you made.

Step 4.

Is time to form her arms.

Add three brown beads like this…

… and put the wire end through the last bead one more time. That way the beads will not fall.

Repeat for the other arm.

Step 5.

Is time to place the topper on the pencil…

Like this.

Let’s dress her. Roll the piece of cloth over the rubber tube, under the arms…

… like this.

Tie it with the cord…

… and that is our doll.

You can use markers to make her eyes and mouth too. And she will make your classes easier 😉

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How to make and Sew a Bear Pencil Case for Back to School

Although school isn’t starting for at least a month or more, I thought I would share a project to get in the spirit of Back-to-School time. Here is a simple sewing project, that a first-time-sewer can accomplish with a little help from a parent. Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make this cute bear pencil bag / case…a great way to organize your school pencils and pens.

How to make and Sew a Bear Pencil Case for Back to School

How to make and Sew a Bear Pencil Case for Back to School


– light blue cotton cloth
– dark blue cotton cloth
– canvas – to double the bag
– pen
– scissors
– one black button, two beads
– needle and thread
– zipper

Step 1.

Take the light blue cloth and fold it in half…

… then draw an oval on it. Like this.

Cut it out.

… like this.

Now the two sides are united by the lower part.

Step 2.

Draw the muzzle and two ovals for the ears on dark blue cloth…

… then cut the out.

Step 3.

Open the light blue oval and place it on top of the canvas…

… and cut the form on it. I did the same for the ears but then I didn’t use the canvas on ears so you don’t need to.

Place the canvas on the light blue cloth…

… and fold in half to have the head of the bear.

Step 4.

Sew the two parts together, using a blanket stitch along the sides. (To make a blanket stitch, push the needle through the fabric then pull the needle through the loop.)

Like this.

Sew 2/3 of it then prepare one ear. Take an ear oval and fold it in half…

… then continue to sew over it…

… like this.

Step 5.

Place the muzzle on the lower part of the head…

… and sew it here.

Like this.

In the upper part of the muzzle sew the black button…

… as a nose.

Step 6.

Mark the places for the eyes…

And sew the beads there…

… like this.

Step 7.

Start on the lower part and sew the other part of the head and the other ear.

Step 8.

We will add a zipper from one ear to the other…

…sewing it on place.

Like this.

That’s all. Now you have a blue bear pencil bag !:)

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How to Make a Pen Holder by Weaving Magazines Together

Each of us have at home a lot of magazines that we do not need anymore, how about you recycle them by making something useful out of them. This is called upcycling. Here’s a useful way to use them…this would make a great gift for Mom or Dad on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It would also be good for your desk when you are doing your homework

Tutorial offered by Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  .



– Magazines
– Transparent tape

Step 1

Open the magazine on the middle and take one (double) page.

Start folding it at 1.5 cm …

… until you have this band.

Repeat until you have about 11 – 12 bands.

Step 2.

Place some of them on the table, like this. Initially I started with 6 but I took one out because my support would be too wide. So you can start directly with 5.

Bring another band and place it perpendicular to the others, putting it over a band, then under the next … and so on… like in the picture.

Add another two, in negative. Where the first band is over, the second band will be under.

It will look like this.

Step 3.

Bend up the remaining part of the bands…

… and put another band through them…

… form the corners…

… and where the band is ending, place a little piece of tape to keep it in place.

Continue adding bands until you reach the top.

Step 4.

Add tape on the upper edge to keep it in place…

… and you have a new pen holder 😀

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How to Turn a CD Case into a Pencil Box

I have a great craft today that will help you keep your pens and pencils in one place.  In this post I will show you how to turn a CD Case into a Pencil Box.  This creative craft is easy and it is a lot of fun.  With this pencil box you can keep your notes or your schedule on the left hand side while you keep your pens and pencils in the right side.  Close up the pencil box and throw it in your school bag and you are good to go.  So, grab the materials needed and let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade will show you this craft step-by-step.


Materials Needed

– CD case
– favorite picture (A4 format)
– craft glue
– pen
– scissors
– needle and thread
– light blue cotton piece
– wide elastic band
– a sheet of white cardboard


Step 1

Open the CD case and measure the cloth on the right side.

Cut it to the right dimensions.

Step 2

Measure the elastic band on the same side and cut it a little wider.

Bend the band over the edge of the cloth…

… and sew it there…

… like this.

Bring it to the front and bend the other end over the cloth, like this.

Sew it there.

Sew a stitch at each centimeter. This will help to determine the places for pencils.


Step 3

Measure another elastic band …

… and sew it on the lower part of the fabric.


Step 4

Turn the fabric backwards…

… and apply a layer of glue on it…

… and put it in its place. Press and then let the glue dry.


Step 5

Take the white cardboard…

… and measure the left side of CD Case.

Place it under the clamps.

Now you can use it to write things.

I will write my schedule on it.

Add some pencils and the interior of your pencil box is ready.


Step 6

Let’s make the exterior now. Turn over the CD case.

Take the picture…

… and measure it on the CD case.

Cut it at the right dimension and put it between the plastic wrap and the case.

It will look like this.

Now close the case and your pencil box is ready.

How awesome is this pencil box?  It’s really great and will come in handy for school or at home for homework.  Enjoy it!!

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How to Make an Elegant Pen Holder

Since school is back in session I decided to show you how to make an Elegant Pen Holder.  This elegant pen holder will look wonderful on any desk and it is so useful.  No longer will you have pens and pencils floating around your desk…. you will now have a spot for all your pens and pencils.  This craft is so easy and a lot of fun.  It is made from recycled boxes so it is a great green craft too.  Add style to your desk with this elegant pen holder.  Let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make this craft.


Materials Needed

– recycled box
– cardboard
– pen
– craft glue
– scissors
– paint
– paintbrush
– aluminum foil


Step 1

From the recycled box we will make two holders.  Trace your shape on the box…  I made a wave shape.

Cut on the line…

… and you have the two pieces. You can adjust the edge until you are happy with the result.

Step 2

We will use aluminum foil to cover them. This way we will add a nice texture.

Cut a piece of foil (wide enough to cover the holder piece) and place one holder in the middle.

Cover it with foil.

Press well to preserve the shape of the holder.


Step 3

Apply a layer of glue on the base…

… and place it on the cardboard piece (also covered in foil).

Do the same with the other holder piece.  Flatten the foil well and let the glue dry.


Step 4

Use a wide paintbrush to cover it with paint. Apply as many layers that you need until it looks as you want.

I applied 3 layers of paint on mine and I think it looks good.

And, there you have it….. you now have an Elegant Pen Holder.  This pen holder will look great on any desk.

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How to Make a Cheerful Lunch Box

In this post I’m going to show you how to make a fun and cheerful lunch box.  School has just started and one of the kids favorite times of day is lunch time.  You know what would make it more memorable for them is to make this lunch box craft with your child.  Your child will be so proud to take their homemade lunch box to school with them.  Plus, there will surely be no other person with a matching lunch box.  So, grab the materials needed and let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade   will show you, step by step, how to make this cheerful and girlish lunch box.


Materials Needed

– recycled box
– cotton cloth
– pen
– craft glue
– scissors
– tulle pieces
– bead
– needle and thread
– auto-adhesive crystal bead


Step 1

Cut 3 squares of tulle…

… place one on top of the other…

… and sew the bead on the middle…

… like this.

Step 2

Place the cloth over the box lid and mark the contour.

Cut it out…

… like this.

Sew the tulle flower on the middle of it…

… like this.


Step 3

Remove (as much as you can) the label on the lid, then add glue on it…

… like this…

… and place the decorated cloth on it.


Step 4

Now, that the lid is ready, is time to decorate the box.

Place the cloth over it and measure the height.

Cut a strip that measures that height.

Apply a layer of glue on it…

… and cover the box. I made some folds on the front to make it less plain.

Take the auto-adhesive crystal…

… and use it to highlight the folds.

Now the decorated lunch box is ready.

Now you have no ordinary lunch box.  You have a very girly and fun lunch box that no other person will have.  Enjoy it!!

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How to Make a Pencil Box using a Tie

Today I have a super creative and fun craft for you.  I’m going to show you how to make a pencil box using a tie.  Ask your Dad for one…. I’m sure he has some that he doesn’t even wear anymore.  And, what a great way to recycle those ties that aren’t worn anymore.   After you make this craft you will have a functioning pencil box… and one that no one else has.  How cool is that?!  So, grab the materials needed and let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade   will show you how to make this craft, step by step.


Materials Needed

– tie
– needle and thread
– scissors
– satin ribbon
– auto-adhesive velcro


Step 1

Measure the size of the pencil box. Should be slightly larger than a pen.

Bend the rest of the tie over it and mark this size.

Cut on the marking.

It will look like this.

Make a curve cut in the front, like in the picture.

Step 2

Take the satin ribbon…

… and sew it around the front part…

… to create a border, like this.

Sew the front to the rear to stay in place.

It will look like this.


Step 3

Take the auto-adhesive velcro…

… and place one part on the closing part and the other in the corresponding point on the front part. Like this.

Now you can put pencils in it…

… close it, and it’s ready to use.

And, that’s it.  You just created a pencil box using a tie.  Doesn’t it feel great to recycle something that is no longer being used?  It sure does.

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