Make a Mothers Day Foam Chef Doll Gift for Moms Who Like to Cook

Does your Mom cook the best food? Does she love hanging out in the kitchen to cook you the best food? Don’t you think that your Mom is the world’s greatest chef? Show her what you think of her by making this chef doll out of foam for a Mother’s Day present. The simple step by step instructions are given below.

Make a Mothers Day Foam Chef Doll Gift for Moms Who Like to Cook

Craft materials required:

Sponge, or a rectangle piece of foam.


Black Yarn



White and red paper



Step 1

Tie a piece of ribbon arouund the foam tightly as shown below.


Step 2

Take about 20 pieces of yarn about 16 incles long.

Step 3

Tie the yarn in two places as shown below.

Step 4

Draw and colour two eyes and cut them out.

Step 5

Glue the hair on top of the head and the eyes on the face as shown below. Also cut out a red piece of paper for the mouth.

Step 6

Make an apron as shown below for the bottom half

Step 7

Glue it on the doll. Write the words ” World’s greatest chef- Mom” on it.

Step 8

Tale a piece of paper long enough to go around the head.

Step 9

Roll it to form a cylinder.

Step 10

Fix it on the head as shown below.The doll is ready. Give it to your Mom on Mother’s day to thank her for all the lovely meals she makes.

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