Make Easter Basket with Flower Petals Paper Folding Craft

This Easter basket is meant to look like it is made out of flower petals. We have provided a printable paper folding template that you can print out, and then fold up, paste, and make a handle to finish it up. It is pretty and can be used as a decorative table piece or to place flowers or candy in. This is a great craft for boys or girls to celebrate Easter, as well as the April and May season. Have fun.

Make Easter Basket with Flower Petals Paper Folding Craft

Although this craft can be printed on plain office paper, it would be better to print it out on card stock. If you don’t have card stock available…it would be great if you could print it out on cardboard, such as the type that a cereal box is made from.

Cut on the heavy lines, and fold on the dotted lines of hexagon.  Put the paste on each side of flower petal from the edge to dotted line and lap outside of the next leaf. Do this until all leaves are pasted. Punch a hole on each side of the basket where 2 petals overlap each other, as shown in diagram. Get a piece of string, raffia, pipe cleaner, etc, and then tie an end through each hold. Try to curl each flower petal over a bit, as shown in finished picture.


Click on Image to Open New Screen and Print Out Template

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  1. Omg i did this with my baby sis and niecce and nephew i am amazed at what they can do

  2. This is actually a difficult craft to assemble. I’m an adult and I had a difficult time making it, but I loved the outcome.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. hii hahahahahahahahaha

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