How to Make a Bunch of Flowers as a Gift for Mom on Mother’s Day

Make this beautiful branch full of flowers picture for your Mom, Aunt, or Grandma this Mother’s Day. This picture of a bunch of flowers looks much harder to make than it actually is. All you will need to make this beautiful piece of art is some colored paper, scissors and glue….oh, and lots of Love.

How to Make a Bunch of Flowers as a Gift for Mom on Mother’s Day with this Arts and Crafts Activity for Kids

Craft materials required:

Thick colored paper




Step 1

On a thick colored paper, draw a branch as shown


Step 2

Cut a small square of colored paper about the size of the flower that you want

Step 3

Fold it twice to make a smaller square

Step 4

Draw out a heart shape as shown in the corner of the square where the fold is.

Step 5

Open it out to get a flower as shown.

Step 6

Fold the flower in the center as shown, fold again between the other two petals similarly.

Step 7

Press all the folds toward the inside as shown

Step 8

Take a green square of paper and fold into two

Step 9

Draw out half a leaf as shown.

Step 10

Cut it out.

Step 11

Fold one edge

Step 12

Glue it as shown. Apply glue on the center of the flower and on the folded part of the leaf.

Now you have a beautiful flower tree creation to give to your Mom for Mother’s Day. She will love it, guaranteed!!!

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  1. I LOVE this! When my boys were little, we made lots of crafts with construction paper, especially this time of year. I’ll never regret all those hours we spent together!

    This would also be a wonderful little gift for grandma, too, on Mother’s Day!!

    I’ll be linking, scheduled to post on 2/22. God bless!

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