Clever and Crafty Last Minute Costume Ideas

Halloween is just days away.  Soon all the kids in the neighborhood will be getting dressed up and going door to door trick or treating.  It is such an exciting time.  But, if you are like me and wait till the last minute it is very possible that you have no costumes ready at all.  If so, that exciting time has now shifted to a very stressful time.  Well, stop your worrying.  I have compiled 10 Clever and Crafty Last Minute Costume Ideas.  Surely, you will be able to find one that is perfect in there for you.

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(1) Legos

LEGO Costume

I found these costumes over at Instructables and it’s such a great idea.  Made with some items around the house… like a cardboard box, duct tape and paper bowels… you are sure to have this costume finished in no time.



(2) Ghost

Ghost Costume

Whenever I think of a easy, yet spooky, costume for Halloween I think of the standard Ghost costume.  It never gets old…. it’s always good.  SavvySugar shows you how to make this costume on the cheap.


(3) Medusa

Medusa Costume

I think this costume is very imaginative and wouldn’t take too much to put together.  DebtFreeByThirty shows us how to put this very cool Medusa costume together with not much time or money.


(4) Quarterback

Quarterback Costume

I bet this wasn’t the Quarterback you were thinking of, huh?  But, I bet this one is not only easier to put together, but it is also really, really clever.  Made from cardboard and duct tape this costume is sure to get a lot of people talking.  Check out the details at FamilyFun.


(5) Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

Grab an old umbrella, raincoat and a couple of stuffed animals and you have a costume perfect for Halloween.  RealSimple shows us how to put this very cute costume together in no time at all.


(6) Bag of Jelly Beans

Bag of Jelly Beans Costume

I thought this costume was adorable.  It really is creative.  Coolest-Homemade-Costumes shows us how to take a simple clear garbage bag and fill it with colorful balloons to make a clever Bag of Jelly Beans.


(7) Spiderweb Mother and Sock Spider Baby Costume

Spiderweb Mother and Sock Spider Baby Costume

Talk about an awesome costume for mother and child…. this Halloween costume ROCKS.  I found it over at the Martha Stewart site and I loved it.  Don’t worry, Martha Stewart shows you how to do this creative Halloween costume craft step-by-step, so you will be good to go by Halloween.


(8) Robot

Robot Costume

Here is another clever costume you could whip together in no time.  It is a Robot costume and it is something else.  I found this costume at MyAtlantaMoms and she shows you just by using a few boxes, silver paint and aluminum you too can have a robot costume like this one in time for Halloween.


(9) Road Trip

Road Trip Costume

This is a crazy costume….. I love it!!  I think any little boy would enjoy it too.  Take an old sweatsuit, Velcro and toy cars and FamilyFun will show you how to turn it into this clever Road Trip costume.  Plus, your child will have no trouble keeping warm in it on Trick-or-Treat.  That’s a plus.


(10) Octopus Baby

Octopus Baby Costume

Do you have a baby and a bunch of unmatched socks or tights laying around at home?  If you answered yes, then this could be the Halloween costume for you.  Better Homes and Gardens shows us how to put together this creative costume in very little time.  You will even have some time left over to spare.

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