How to Make a Mosaic Pacman Pixelated Picture from Tiles

Pacman was the hottest arcade game from the 1980’s and it is still crazy popular today.  I’m going to show you how to make a super cool pixelated Pacman picture that is very easy and fun to make…. just follow the easy-to-follow pattern and you are as good as gold.

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Mosaic Pacman Pixelated Picture from Tiles


Materials Needed:


Cardboard or Wood

Tiles or Cut up Squares from Paper or Foam

Materials Needed


Here is a pattern for you to print or just look at while you are making your Mosaic Pacman.

Mosaic Pacman Pattern

The surrounding area of your Mosaic Pacman can be any color you would like.  I made this area black, but feel free to use any color.

Step 1:

Put Glue on First Tile

Put glue on first tile.


Step 2

Place square firmly on cardboard

Place square firmly on cardboard or wood.

Step 3

Finished Mosaic Pacman

Once you have the pattern completely finished make sure to place a heavy book on top of your finished craft overnight.  This will insure that your Mosaic Pacman craft is glued fast and ready to be shown proudly for all to see.

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