How to Make a Sailboat candle Holder

If you love candles then today’s craft is going to make you very happy.  I’m going to show you how to make a Sailboat  Candle Holder.  Made from a piece of cardboard and transparent paper this candle turns out beautifully.  The candle shimmers right through the transparent paper onto your wall.  You’ll gonna love it!!  Just keep in mind you will need some help from an adult to light the candle.  Never light it without adult supervision.  So, let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade will show you how to make this Step-by-Step.



– cardboard
– transparent paper
– glue
– recycled jar
– pencil
– red and blue colored pencils
– decorative edge scissors
– scissors
– tea candle

Step 1

Measure on the cardboard the height of the jar plus 1 cm …

… and cut it out.



Step 2

Using the decorative scissors, cut along one long side.

It will look like that.


Step 3

Using the jar again, measure its width …

… and mark it on the cardboard. Place the transparent paper over it and draw the new markings on it…

… to help you cut out this rectangle.


Step 4

Fold the cardboard on the marked line…

… like this.

Continue folding around it until you have this.


Step 5

Fold the last side at 0.5 cm – you will use that to close it.


Step 6

Unfold it all.

On the second side draw a boat…

… like this.


Step 7

Using the scissors, cut out the drawing.

It will look like this.

Turn it to the other side and apply a layer of glue on the rectangle with the boat.

Place the transparent paper on it.

Turn it again.


Step 8

Use the red pencil to color the boat …

… like this.

You can place a textured paper under it to have a pattern on the boat.

And blue pencil to color the sail.


Step 9

Apply a layer of glue on the last folded part (the 0.5 cm one)…

… then glue it to  the edge of the first part, like this.


Step 10

Place the jar inside…. along with the candle.

… and have an adult light it.

Notice how beautiful the candle looks shimmering through the sailboat.  Isn’t it just breathtaking.  Don’t forget…. never leave a candle lit unattended.  If you are leaving the room…. blow it out.

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