How to Doodle with String

I have a fun and creative craft for you today.  I am going to show you how to Doodle with String.  The cool part about this craft is that you will have to use your imagination and creativity to draw within the strings to create an image.  Every Doodle you do will be different than the last one.  I have given you 5 examples of some doodles you can create.  Simply scroll down within this post to see them.  Or, use your creativity to make your own designs.  The choice is yours.  So, grab the materials needed and let’s get started with this craft.

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How to Doodle with String


Materials Needed




Markers, Crayons, Paints or Colored Pencils


Step 1

Dip string in glue.

Dip string in glue.


Step 2

Hold string over paper and drop.

Hold string over paper and drop.


Step 3

Let dry.

Let dry.


Step 4

Draw a picture that you see within this string.

Draw a picture that you see within this string.


Here are a few examples:

Example 1


Example 1 - Worried



Example 2

Example 2 - Alien



Example 3

Business Man

Business Man


Example 4

Example 4 - Angry Whale

Angry Whale


Example 5

Example 5 - Teacher



Doodling with string is so much fun…. isn’t it?  Now, of course, your Doodling with String will look different than mine.  So make sure to take a picture of your Doodling with String and post it with your comments below.  I’d love to see your Doodles.

Here is our video on how to Doodle with String

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