How to Turn a CD Case into a Pencil Box

I have a great craft today that will help you keep your pens and pencils in one place.  In this post I will show you how to turn a CD Case into a Pencil Box.  This creative craft is easy and it is a lot of fun.  With this pencil box you can keep your notes or your schedule on the left hand side while you keep your pens and pencils in the right side.  Close up the pencil box and throw it in your school bag and you are good to go.  So, grab the materials needed and let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade will show you this craft step-by-step.


Materials Needed

– CD case
– favorite picture (A4 format)
– craft glue
– pen
– scissors
– needle and thread
– light blue cotton piece
– wide elastic band
– a sheet of white cardboard


Step 1

Open the CD case and measure the cloth on the right side.

Cut it to the right dimensions.


Step 2

Measure the elastic band on the same side and cut it a little wider.

Bend the band over the edge of the cloth…

… and sew it there…

… like this.

Bring it to the front and bend the other end over the cloth, like this.

Sew it there.

Sew a stitch at each centimeter. This will help to determine the places for pencils.


Step 3

Measure another elastic band …

… and sew it on the lower part of the fabric.


Step 4

Turn the fabric backwards…

… and apply a layer of glue on it…

… and put it in its place. Press and then let the glue dry.


Step 5

Take the white cardboard…

… and measure the left side of CD Case.

Place it under the clamps.

Now you can use it to write things.

I will write my schedule on it.

Add some pencils and the interior of your pencil box is ready.


Step 6

Let’s make the exterior now. Turn over the CD case.

Take the picture…

… and measure it on the CD case.

Cut it at the right dimension and put it between the plastic wrap and the case.

It will look like this.

Now close the case and your pencil box is ready.

How awesome is this pencil box?  It’s really great and will come in handy for school or at home for homework.  Enjoy it!!

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