How to Make a Bow Tie for New Year Eve Party

Are you allowed to stay up until midnight on New Years Eve and want to look all dressed up and spiffy? Here is a cute craft for kids to make a bow tie to wear an outfit with a classic style, perfect for any New Year party. Here is the step by step tutorial offered by Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade

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How to Make a Bow Tie for New Year Eve Party

How to Make a Bow Tie for New Year Eve Party


– material or canvas (a rectangle of  about 8 cm x 5 cm)
– metallic button
– scissors
– ribbon
– needle and thread


Step 1.

Fold the canvas in two lengthwise.


Sew the two sides together…


Like this.


Step 2.

Bend so that the cloth will be sewn on center.


Sew the new edge…


… like this.


Sew the other edge too.


Step 3.

Turn it back in front.


Make a seam in the middle, parallel to the edges.


Pull the thread…


… like this.


Step 4.

Put the button on the needle…


… and sew it over the middle seam.



Step 5.

Cut the ribbon in half…


… and sew it on the back of your bow…


… like this.


Your chic bow tie is ready.


And there you have it, a cute little bow tie to wean on New Years Eve to celebrate the New Year in style! I hope that you had fun!

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How to Make a Sewn Notebook Cover with Cute Bunny on Top for Girls

School is about to start yet again and we thought you would love this craft to make a hand-sewn notebook cover. It is a super cute notebook cover that includes a stuffed bunny rabbit at the top. You love to write on it!  Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how make it.

How to Make a Sewn Notebook Cover with Cute Bunny on Top for Girls

How to Make a Sewn Notebook Cover with Cute Bunny on Top for Girls



– light colored fabric
– pink felt
– pen
– notebook
– scissors
– pink ribbon
– pink bead for the nose
– instant glue
– filling material
– black paint marker


Step 1

Fold the felt in half and place the notebook over it.


Let about 0.5 cm on both parts (left and right) and cut the extra felt.


Step 2.

Sew the two parts together until you reach about 3/4 of it.


Measure with the notebook if the height is OK. You should have about 2.5 cm to the notebook spire.


Step 3.

Put the ribbon here …


… and sew it in place.


Like this.


Step 4.

Continue sewing for another 3 cm then fold the felt backward…


And sew the parts together. This way, the upper part will be stronger.


Do the same on the other part.


The Cover will look like this.


Now separate the default covers of the notebook and put them between the ribbon and felt.


Like this.


This is our notebook 😉 Do you think we can make it cuter?


Step 5.

Of course! Let’s make a bunny! Draw a head with 2 long ears and two small paws on fabric.


Cut them out.


Place it again on fabric and draw the outline. Cut the second bunny out.


Like this.


Step 6.

Start sewing the two parts together. Let’s start with an ear.


When you arrive in this point…


… prepare the filling material…


… and fill the ear.


Then continue to sew until you finish the ear. It is important to sew only a little bit over half, then fill it because if you sew first and then fill, you can’t reach all the corners.


This is the ear finished.


Continue with the other ear…


… the paws, and close the head. Don’t forget to fill it when you sew.


The bunny head looks like this.


Step 7.

Choose a point where you want the nose to be…


… and sew the bead there.


Like this. (If you prefer, you can glue the bead there)


We will put the bunny in the corner.


Sew it in place.


Like this.


Add the notebook and you are almost ready.


Use the paint marker to draw 2 eyes and a mouth for the bunny 😉


And there you have it…the finished notebook cover…the  bunny will keep you company as you write in it…whether is a journal or a school notebook. I hope that you had a lot of fun!

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How to Make a Cute Little Fabric Snowman

Today we will show you how to make this cute little fabric snowman. He is a lot of fun to make and even more fun to play with. On this cold Winter day, I thought this would be a great craft to share with you.

Step by step tutorial offered by Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade

How to Make a Cute Little Fabric Snowman


– dark blue fabric
– white fabric
– filling material (I use some cotton pads broken into pieces)
– scissors
– ribbon
– black paint or marker
– button

Step 1.

Cut a disc of blue fabric and a smaller one of white fabric.

Step 2.

Start sewing around the edges…

… like this.

Pull the thread ends …

… and fill the inside with the filling material.

Tie the thread ends.

Do the same for the white disc.

Step 3.

Put the needle and thread through the middle of white part…

… then through the middle of the blue part…

… and through the button (we will use the button to make a solid part on the base. It will help our snowman to stay.)

Get back through the blue part and the white part to fix all parts together.

Step 4.

Cut two rectangles of blue fabric, one wider than the other.

Fold the lower part on the big one…

… and wrap it around the snowman’s head (the white part)

Use the ribbon to tie it, like this. Now the snowman have a hat.

Step 5.

Let’s make a scarf now. Take the other blue fabric rectangle…

… and wrap it around the neck of your snowman, then tie it.

Make some cuts on both ends of the scarf and on the upper part of the hat.

Thus, the hat and scarf will have fringes.

Use black paint / marker to draw eyes and mouth, and your little snowman is ready.

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How to Make a Shark Pencil Holder Pouch

I think you’ll love this pencil pouch … He is so fierce! And when I say ‘He’, I mean Sharky…Sharky the Pencil Pouch. And he will keep your pencils safe as nobody messes with sharks! 😉  Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade will show you, step by step, how to make it this awesome (yet adorable) shark pencil holder pouch.

How to Make a Shark Pencil Holder Pouch

How to Make a Shark Pencil Holder Pouch


– a piece of denim (or other fabric if you don’t have it)
– a piece of black leather or vinyl or different colored fabric
– paints: white and black
– needle and thread
– scissors
– zipper


Step 1.

You need a rectangle piece of denim to make the shark body.  To start, cut two of the corners off. Like this.


Bring the long edges toward the center line…


… and draw a curve, like this. This will be the mouth.


Cut it out and unfold.


Sew the two edges together…


… like this, until you almost reach the end. The shark will have the stitch on his belly.


Step 2.

Take the piece of leather…


… and draw on it a tail, two lateral fins and the central fin.


Cut them out.


Step 3.

It is time to add some teeth to our shark. Flatten the body with the stitch on the middle, like this.


Place the zipper over the mouth…


… and start sewing each part on a side.


Like this.


Cut the extra zipper.


Step 4.

Now is time to assemble all the pieces. Turn it inside out.


This is the other end, where we will attach the tail.


Apply a layer of glue on the start of the tail…


and put it in place. Keep it there a bit until it is glued (take care not to glue your fingers).


Then take a lateral fin…


… put some glue on the starting edge…


… and fix it on the shark body.


Do the same with the other one…


… and with the central fin.


Like this. Our shark looks good but… it is blind!!!


Step 5.

Let’s make the eyes!  Use some white paint to make two white circles.


Like this.


Then some black to complete the eyes.


Let it dry well…


… then you can put some pencils in it 😉


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How to Make Fabric Oatmeal Container Drawstring Bags

Here is a craft for making a great drawstring bag out of a cylinder oatmeal container, fabric, some cardboard, and a few other items. This bag turns out looking beautiful and would make a great bag for yourself or as a gift to mom, grandma, or someone else you love.

How to Make Fabric Oatmeal Container Drawstring Bags



Oatmeal Container

6″ x 6″ cardboard square


Magazine pictures

Knitting needle (size 3 or 4)

White shellac




How to Make These Drawstring Bags:

Step 1


Cut cereal box to 4″ height, as shown by broken line in Figure 1.

Step 2


Make cardboard pattern, 4″ wide at base and 5″ high to center point, as in Figure 2.

Step 3


Using cardboard pattern trace triangles on colorful smooth magazine pictures. Cut triangles out, and lay, face down, on work table. Apply glue lightly down middle of triangle, making sure the top point is well covered to prevent unrolling. Place the knitting needle along the 4″ base, and roll triangle tightly around the needle to make a tube, as in Figure 3. Slip the tube off the needle and set aside to dry. It will take about 90 tubes to cover a box, 5 1/2″ in diameter.

Step 4




Apply a liberal amount of glue to the outside of the cereal box. Stand tubes, side by side, around the box. Hold in place with rubber bands. When dry, apply several coats of shellac over tubes. Make a drawstring top from a piece of material and sew around top of tube-covered box. Cut a circle of the same material, 1″ larger than bottom of the box. Center and paste circle to bottom of the box with fabric glue. Bend the extra inch of material over and sew to base to cover ends of tubes, as in Figure 4.



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How to Make a Steampunk USB Memory Stick Pendant

Here is a Back to School craft that you can work on in the next few weeks. Learn how to take a normal USB memory stick and decorate it with paint and random objects…turn it into a Steampunk masterpiece.You can then wear it around your neck as a special pendant necklace. Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you today how to make this cool and useful pendant.

How to Make a Steampunk USB Memory Stick Pendant


– USB memory stick
– black paint
– silver metallic paint
– bronze powder
– instant glue
– a piece of thin fabric for texture (I use tulle)
– a little wheel
– bronze bead – I use a little stylized flower
– scissors
– paintbrush
– toothpick (useful to put little pieces in place)


Step 1.

First of all, remember that you don’t have to do everything we do…just use our tutorial as a guide. You won’t have the same exact materials as us…but just be creative.

Paint the stick in black.


Like this. Let it dry.


Step 2.

Cut a piece of fabric…


… and wrap it around the stick so as to form creases.


Apply some glue to fix it in place.


Like this.


Add the decorations among the creases. Glue them in place.


Add glue on every edge to fix the fabric.


Let it dry.


Do the same for the cover. It will look like this.


Step 3.

Use your paintbrush to paint the fabric in black. Also paint where the glue reached and bleached the paint.


Like this.


Prior it dry out, add a little bronze powder …


… with your paintbrush.


Like this.


Let it dry well.


Step 4.

Use the silver paint to add a metallic patina on some elements, especially the wheel.


Like this.


Also, add a bit of bronze powder on it, to keep the atmosphere.


Let it dry completely.


Step 5.

Put the cord through the hole on upper part of the stick…


And make a knot. Now you can wear it as a pendant or key chain accessory.


How to Make Doll Pencil Toppers for Back to School

Do you want to create an adorable companion for your time back at school? Here is an easy-to-make doll that can be stored on the top of your pencil. Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make it.

how to make doll pencil toppers for back to school


– pencil
– thick tread
– wooden beads (one white and 6 brown)
– small cloth piece
– matching cord
– a piece of wire
– needle
– rubber tube

Step 1.

Take the thread …

… and spin it on your fingers, like this.

Step 2.

Tie it on the middle with the wire…

… like this.

Put the wire through the white bead – this will be the head of our doll.

Step 3.

Take the rubber tube…

… and make two holes in it with the needle.

Place it under the head, put the wire through the holes you made.

Step 4.

Is time to form her arms.

Add three brown beads like this…

… and put the wire end through the last bead one more time. That way the beads will not fall.

Repeat for the other arm.

Step 5.

Is time to place the topper on the pencil…

Like this.

Let’s dress her. Roll the piece of cloth over the rubber tube, under the arms…

… like this.

Tie it with the cord…

… and that is our doll.

You can use markers to make her eyes and mouth too. And she will make your classes easier 😉

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How to make and Sew a Bear Pencil Case for Back to School

Although school isn’t starting for at least a month or more, I thought I would share a project to get in the spirit of Back-to-School time. Here is a simple sewing project, that a first-time-sewer can accomplish with a little help from a parent. Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make this cute bear pencil bag / case…a great way to organize your school pencils and pens.

How to make and Sew a Bear Pencil Case for Back to School

How to make and Sew a Bear Pencil Case for Back to School


– light blue cotton cloth
– dark blue cotton cloth
– canvas – to double the bag
– pen
– scissors
– one black button, two beads
– needle and thread
– zipper

Step 1.

Take the light blue cloth and fold it in half…

… then draw an oval on it. Like this.

Cut it out.

… like this.

Now the two sides are united by the lower part.

Step 2.

Draw the muzzle and two ovals for the ears on dark blue cloth…

… then cut the out.

Step 3.

Open the light blue oval and place it on top of the canvas…

… and cut the form on it. I did the same for the ears but then I didn’t use the canvas on ears so you don’t need to.

Place the canvas on the light blue cloth…

… and fold in half to have the head of the bear.

Step 4.

Sew the two parts together, using a blanket stitch along the sides. (To make a blanket stitch, push the needle through the fabric then pull the needle through the loop.)

Like this.

Sew 2/3 of it then prepare one ear. Take an ear oval and fold it in half…

… then continue to sew over it…

… like this.

Step 5.

Place the muzzle on the lower part of the head…

… and sew it here.

Like this.

In the upper part of the muzzle sew the black button…

… as a nose.

Step 6.

Mark the places for the eyes…

And sew the beads there…

… like this.

Step 7.

Start on the lower part and sew the other part of the head and the other ear.

Step 8.

We will add a zipper from one ear to the other…

…sewing it on place.

Like this.

That’s all. Now you have a blue bear pencil bag !:)

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Puppets for Thumb wrestling: Father’s Day Gift

Here’s a Father’s day gift that guarantees hours of fun. Make a set of thumb puppets for your dad and yourself, and play thumb wrestling. The simple illustrated instructions to make the thumb puppets follow:

Craft materials required:

-White fabric

-black yarn



-needle and thread

-fabric glue

-Permanent marker

Step 1:

Cut out a piece of cloth double the length of your thumb and about an inch wider than the width of your thumb.

Step 2:

Fold it into half and stitch along the two sides as shown.

Step 3:

Fold it inside out as shown:

Step 4:

Glue small pieces of yarn to make hair

Step 5:

Glue a strip of ribbon along the bottom as shown

Step 6:

Add facial features with a marker.

Make another one for your dad in the same way. Make sure its big enough for your dad’s thumb. Your dad is sure to enjoy this Father’s day gift.

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How to Make an Afikoman Bag for Passover

Passover starts in about a week and I thought that some of our Jewish followers might want a Passover craft. Today I will show you how to make an Afikoman Bag, which can then be used to hide Matzah for the little kiddies to search for. Although I sewed this Afikoman Bag, you could use fabric glue to put your Afikoman bag together. Learn how to make it below.

How to Make an Afikomen Bag for Passover

Crafts Materials Needed:

Long Piece of Felt or Fabric

A Second Color of Fabric to Use for Letters and Stars

Either Needle and Thread or Fabric Glue


Step 1




You May Use Felt or Fabric, either one is fine. Place a piece of Matza on the Felt and measure out enough felt to place two and a half pieces of matzah. This will be enough felt to make your bag.

Then place the matzah a little bit to the right of the center of the felt. Then fold the felt over the matzah as seen in the picture above.

Step 2




Now sew on either side of the felt (or use fabric glue), as seen in the picture above.

Step 3


Now the right side of the felt will be the flap. You can fold it over now.

Step 4


Like This.

Step 5


Now Push fabric inwards to form a triangle (in the same fashion you would do with wrapping paper when wrapping a present). Pin the triangle in place with a safety pin or sewing pins, then sew the triangle so that the fabric stays like this…this will be the flap.


This is What the Flap Looks Like When Sewn


Above is what the flap looks like when open.



And this is what the flap looks like from the inside.

Step 6


I think yellow and blue are perfect for this craft because it is the colors of Israel and Judaism. Get some yellow felt and cut out some letters. I used Find Me for the outside of the Afikoman bag and Yay for the inside. But I’ve seen ‘Find This’ for the outside and ‘Found It’ on the inside. The normal thing to do is to write Afikoman on the outside or in hebrew  –


Step 7


Before sewing or gluing letters on, put cardboard into the bag to keep you from sewing bag’s two sides together.

Step 8



Sew the letters on the front – ‘Find Me’ or ‘Afikoman’ or אפיקומן  or what you wish.

Sew the letters on the inside – ‘Found Me’ or ‘Yay’ or what you wish.

Finish Up


Now wrap some matzah in a cloth napkin and then place in your bag. Close the flap and then hide it someplace. Let kiddies go searching for it. Give the ones who find the matzah some sort of prize. Have fun and Happy Passover!

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How to Sew a “Lucky Cat” for Saint Patrick’s Day

This is a cute and funny toy made especially for St. Patrick’s Day! Do you want to learn how to make and sew a stuffed animal named “Lucky Cat” for Saint Patrick’s Day? This stuffed cat is covered in shamrocks and isn’t too tough to make. Learn how to make this kitty cat in the following craft tutorial.

Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you how to make it, step by step.

How to Sew a Shamrock Lucky Cat


– white or cream-colored fabric
– light green and dark green felt
– filling material (I use some cotton pads broken into pieces)
– scissors
– needle and threads (white and black)
– black paint marker
– pen
– 3 small white beads
– pencil
– green beads (optional)


Step 1.

Fold the fabric in half.


Draw a cat outline, like this…


… and the tail.


Cut them out, without unfolding the fabric. This way you will have two cats and two tails.


Step 2.

Place one cat over the other and start sewing them together. Start on the lower part.


Go up until you reach the ear.


Step 3.

Draw one big clover and some smaller on dark green felt. Also, draw them a little bit smaller on light green felt.


Cut them out.


Group one big dark clover with one big light clover, and the smaller ones in the same way.


Step 4.

Choose one place for the big clover…


… and sew it in place, using white thread.


Add one white bead in the middle. Be careful not to sew both cats when you sew decorations.


You can let it like this or you can make some decorative stitches with white thread and green beads


Like this.


Choose a place for the small clovers also.


I put two of them around the cat’s neck, just like a necklace. Don’t forget to add white beads in the middle and to sew only one cat.


Step 5.

Is time to decorate the head. Place a folded paper or a piece of cardboard between the two cats…


… and color the eyes and nose with black paint marker.


Like this.


Change the thread, and using the black one…


Sew the whiskers.


Like this.


Step 6.

Change the thread back to white and continue to sew the two cats together.


When you reach the neck is time to fill the head.


Tamp the filling to fill all the head and the ears. Like this.


Continue to sew until you almost get down. Here will be the tail, so we must prepare it.


Step 7.

Place the two tails one over the other…


.. and start sewing them together from the lower part.


Go until you reach the tip of the tail and start to sew the other part.


Stop when you make about 10 cm. Take a piece of filling and roll it between your hands.


Press it on the stitched part of the tail.


Continue to fill the tail while sewing the two sides together. It will look like this.


Step 8.

Place the tail between the two cats, like this.


Sew it in place.


Step 9.

Fill the cat’s body.


sew the two parts together…


And the cat is ready 😀


Isn’t this cat adorable!!! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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How to Make a Snowman from Socks

When you think of winter time what do you think of?  Snow, of course.  Well, what is the one thing that children love to make in the snow?  A snowman.   Today I’m going to show you how to make a snowman from socks.  This is an adorable snowman stuffed toy that any child will love to snuggle with.  And, if the child helped your make it…. they will enjoy it even more.  This is a great winter time craft that can be enjoyed by children young and old.

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Step by step tutorial offered by Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade


Materials Needed

– striped sock
– white fabric
– filling material (I used some cotton pads broken into pieces)
– scissors
– ribbon
– black paint
– needle and thread


Step 1

Measure the width of the socks on the fabric folded in two…

… and cut it out.

Sew the two sides together, letting an opening on the upper part.

Like this.

Turn it to the other side.

Step 2

Shred the cotton pads into small pieces…

… and fill the sewed white fabric with it.

Like this.

Tie the open end with the ribbon.


Step 3

Use a thread to separate the 3 snowballs of the snowman.

Like this.


Step 4

Cut off the upper part of the sock …

… then cut that part in half.

Dress the snowman with one, as a shirt.

Put the other one on its head, as a cap.

Use the ribbon to tie the cap to keep it in place.

Draw eyes, mouth and buttons on your snowman using black paint.

Check out this adorable sock snowman.  You can give this to a friend or family member…. or enjoy it for yourself.

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How to Make a Cornucopia Silverware Holder

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly.  But, don’t stress you still have plenty of time to make your Thanksgiving festivities unique.  Today I will show you how to make Cornucopia Silverware Holders for your Thanksgiving table.   These Thanksgiving silverware holders are in the shape of a cornucopia…. they are the perfect shape and size to hold your silverware.  This is a great way not only to add a Thanksgiving flair to your dinner table, but it is also a great way to keep all the silverware in place.  So, let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make these.


Materials Needed

– brown felt
– pen (or permanent marker)
– needle and thread
– scissors
– pins


Step 1

Draw the outline of the horn on felt (using your pen or marker), like this.

Fold the felt sheet on one side of the horn, like this.

Pin it in place.

Step 2

Cut it out (keeping the felt folded).

Unfold. It will look like this.


Step 3

Decorate the horn with lines (or any other decorations, if you want. I think swirls could look great too)…

… like this.


Step 4

Fold it again…

… and sew the two parts.

This is the complete tableware holder.

Imagine how festive your Thanksgiving table will look with these Cornucopia Silverware Holders.  Your Thanksgiving guests will love them.

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How to Make a Fairy Crown for Halloween

Girls love pretending to be Fairys.  They can pretend to be Fairys on any day of the year, but they especially love dressing up as a Fairy on Halloween.  Well, a fairy just can’t truly be a fairy without their Fairy Crown.  In this post I will show you how to make a Fairy Crown for Halloween.  Add this to your Fairy Skirt and Fairy Mask to have the most perfect Fairy Costume this Halloween.  Or, use the Fairy Costume to play dress-up all year long.  Let’s get started with the craft.  NOTE: you will need a little bit of help from an adult for this tutorial.

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Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make this.



Materials Needed

– 2 pieces of tulle: green and cream colored
– ribbon
– red beads
– needle and thread
– pen
– scissors
– a piece of brown cord
– lighter and pliers or tweezers (with Adult help)


Step 1

Draw 5 circles on cream tulle.

Cut them out.

Do the same with green tulle but make those circles smaller.

Step 2

This is the step where you need help. Fold a circle in quarter

… hold it with pliers and burn it a very little on the edges…. enough to wrinkle a bit.  (Must Have Adult Help.)  It is a very quick move with the lighter.

Do the same for all the circles. If you skip this step, the circles will remain flat.


Step 3

Set the pattern and make a mark where you should have the first circle (flower).

Using needle and thread sew the end of the ribbon…

… twist the ribbon…

… and sew it loose.

It will look like this.


Step 4

When you reach the marker, put a white circle on the needle…

… then a red bead …

and sew it to the spot.

Continue twisting the ribbon and sewing it loose, then add a green circle with a red bead… and so on.

Like this.


Step 5

Take the brown cord and put it through the tube of ribbon, under the first stitch.

Let enough cord free and make a knot.

This will keep the cord in place.

Begin to wrap loosely around the necklace…

… along with flowers, like this.

When you reach the other end pass the cord through the ribbon tube again.

The crown will be tied at the back…

… and it is ready to complete your Fairy costume.

Isn’t this Fairy Crown adorable?  Any Fairy would love to wear this crown.  Make sure to make the Fairy Skirt and Fairy Mask to accompany this Fairy Crown.

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How to Make a Fairy Skirt Costume for Halloween

Earlier today I showed you How to Make a Fairy Mask for Halloween.  But your Fairy Costume wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have a Fairy Skirt to wear along with it.  I have an easy craft to show you how to make a Fairy Skirt using some green and cream tulle.  Tulle is a wonderfully light material perfect for Fairys.  After all, how else could a Fairy fly around like she does if she wasn’t wearing something light like Tulle.  Your little girl will love this fairy skirt…. she will surely use it well after Halloween is over for dress-up fun.   So, let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade   will show you, step by step, how to make it.

How to make Fairy Skirts for Costumes on Halloween


Materials Needed

– tulle : green and cream colored
– elastic cord
– scissors


Step 1

Cut strips of tulle with a width of 2 cm. The strips must be twice the length of the skirt.

Green and cream tulle…. When you think you have enough you can begin to assemble the skirt.

Step 2

Take the cord…

… and place it behind  one strip folded in half.

Bring the ends through the loop, over the cord…

… and pull to get a knot.

Add another one…

… and another one… and so on.

Take care to alternate the green and cream strips and all the knots to be oriented in one direction, for the strips to sit well.


Step 3

When you added enough strips, just tie the ends of the cord …

… and the skirt is ready.

 NOTE: I am using a doll as example, but the skirt is actually meant for girls.

What a beautiful fairy skirt to wear over leggings this Halloween.  Make sure to Make the Fairy Mask to wear with this Fairy Skirt…. it will complete your Fairy Costume this Halloween.

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How to Make a Fairy Mask for Halloween

Little girls love to be Fairys.  They just do.  But, sometimes those store bought Fairy Masks can be a real nuisance to wear during Trick-or-Treating.  Well, I have a treat for you today.  I’m going to show you how to Make a Fairy Mask for Halloween.  This Fairy Mask is made with Tulle so it is wonderfully light.  Not like those plastic or vinyl store bought Fairy Masks…. this mask is simply beautiful.  Plus, your little girl will have a blast making her mask too…. almost as much as wearing it.  Keep an eye out as I will show you How to Make a Fairy Skirt Costume later today.

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Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make this.



Materials Needed

– mask template (you can download it from here)
– transparent foil
– scissors
– a piece of tulle
– silver textile paint
– silver ribbon
– tape


Step 1

Print the template and fix it on the table with tape.

Place on top of it the transparent foil and fix it with tape.

Over the foil place the tulle and fix it with tape also.

Now the setting is ready.

Step 2

Take the silver textile paint (multi-surface paint will work fine too)…

… and trace the pattern with it.

Take care to follow every swirl and every line and don’t touch the lines you already painted.

When you finish it will look like this. Let it dry overnight.


Step 3

Gently peel tulle away from the transparent foil.

It will look like this.

Cut out around the mask, including eye holes.

Like this.

Cut the ribbon in two and fix them with paint (or with craft glue) to the mask…


… like this.

Let it dry well and your mask is ready.

Didn’t this Fairy Mask come out amazing?!  Any Fairy would love to wear this Fairy Mask for Halloween.  Keep an eye out as I will be showing you How to Make a Fairy Skirt Costume next.

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