How to Make a Simple Christmas Ornament out of Paper

The Christmas season is upon us.  And, with the Christmas season comes the time for decorating the Christmas tree.  In this post I will show you how to make a simple Christmas ornament that is made out of paper.  But, don’t let the idea of this ornament made out of paper fool you…. the ornament turns out quite elegant.  Make a few of these paper Christmas ornaments with your kids and spread them around the Christmas tree.  It will be a lot of fun.  So, let’s get started.

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Tutorial offered by Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade.


Materials Needed

– red paper
– pattern cardboard
– pencil
– glue
– scissors
– a small piece of ribbon


Step 1

Cut a rectangle from the red paper…

…and fold it accordion style…

… like this.

We will make a fan from it.


Step 2

Repeat step 1 to make another fan.


Step 3

Glue the margins of the two fans…

… it will look like that. Let it dry.


Step 4

Using your pencil…

… draw a star on the cardboard.

Cut it out.

Apply a layer of glue on the back of the star…

… and place it on the middle of the fans…

… like this.

Now your decoration is ready.


Step 5

Next you must glue a piece of ribbon on the back of it…

… like this.

Wow, what an amazing Christmas ornament!!  It will look fantastic on your Christmas tree.  Make a few more to spread the paper ornaments around your tree.  How festive!!

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