Open Hands Father’s Day Card for Dad

Impress your Dad this Father’s day with this personalized, creative Father’s day card. All you need is some thick white paper, markers, scissors, and your hands. The illustrated steps for this make-yourself-card are given below.


Open Hands Father’s Day Card for Dad

Craft Materials Required:

Thick paper



Step 1

Cut out a piece of paper and fold it into half like a card. One half must be larger than the size of your hand.

Step 2:

Trace one hand on the paper as shown. make sure the base of your hand is at the folded edge of the paper.


Step 3:

Cut out along the lines. Outline the shape with markers, on the outsides as well as the inside of the card.

Step 4:

Write these words in the front of the card : ” Dad I love your hands,”

Step 5:

Write these words on the inside of the cards: ” held me as a baby, taught me how to walk, built that tree house that I wanted, Always a source of courage and strength”

Step 6:


Write these words on the back: “Thanks for being a wonderful Dad and so much more”

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