How to make a Phone and Cards Pouch for Your Dad on Fathers Day

phone cards cover

Learn how to make a great leather / vinyl wallet for your dad’s gift for Father’s Day. This wallet makes a perfect gift for Father’s Day: it is great to hold his phone and business cards.

How to Make a Mini Book Pendant Necklace Gift for Dad on Fathers Day

Dad Mini Book Pendant Necklace Gift for Fathers Day

You will totally want to make this cute gift for your dad on Father’s Day. This step by step craft idea is to make a miniature little book (or journal) to wear around your dad’s neck. In this tiny book, you can your dad how important he is to you.

Open Hands Father’s Day Card for Dad


Impress your Dad this Father’s day with this personalised, creative Father’s day card. All you need is some thick white paper, markers, scizzors and your hands.The steps for this make- yourself- card are given below.

Number One Dad Badge Fathers Day or Mothers Day Gift Craft

Is your dad the best in the world? Here’s a father’s day gift that will help him remember that. The simple instructions to make this Number 1 Dad badge are given on the following tutorial.

Puppets for Thumb wrestling: Father’s Day Gift

Here’s a Father’s day gift that guarantees hours of fun. Make a set of thumb puppets for your dad and yourself, and play thumb wrestling. The simple illustrated instructions to make the thumb puppets follow

Make Totem Pole Mail & Notes Holder Gift for Dad’s Office on Father’s Day

This is a really cute idea to make a totem pole to hold letters and special notes. This would probably look really great in your Dad’s office…so why not make it for your Dad as a gift on Father’s Day? It is a tall totem pole of VIP’s handles letters, memos and notes. Find the instructions below.

How to Make Tri-Fold Picture Frame Present for Dad on Father’s Day

Do you want to learn how to make a unique picture frame? Most picture frame crafts are for one photograph, but this one holds 3 photos. This would be perfect to make as a gift for Dad or Mom for family photos…and it would look great on their office desk. If you want to learn how to make a tri-fold picture frame, then look at the directions in this arts and crafts activity for children.

Make Silhouette Self-Portraits for Mom or Dad Gift Craft

Silhouette portraits make a wonderful gift for Mom and Dad for Birthdays or for Mother’s Day or for Father’s Day … and better yet, they are very easy to make. This will make a wonderful keepsake craft for Mom and Dad as they watch you grow up and get to see how small your head used to be in comparison to how you look now (when they look back on it years later).

Make a Family Newspaper to Talk About Family News

Every family has news—lots of news—so why not make a family newspaper! This would be a great gift to make for Mom on Mother’s Day or Dad on Father’s Day or for birthdays. For gifts, you can put clever titles like ‘The Best Mom in the World Has Been Found’ … or The Sweetest Mother in the World Has Been Found to Be Timmy’s Mom (if your name is Timmy). This is a great crafts idea that will produce a keepsake to cherish in years to come.

Make Picture Folder Gift with Accordion Fold Out Photo Holder

This is a special arts and crafts project for kids who want to make a special gift for Mom or Dad for a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This is a fold-out, accordion-style photo book / folder. You can either use real photos or make your own comic book or use pictures from a magazine to make a funny story. This is a great craft to build imagination or to give as a gift to a loved one or friend.