Make Embroidered Cards with Embroidery Thread Designs on Card Stock – Basics – Part 1

Do you like to sew? Here’s a new way you can use your sewing skills. Make beautiful designs on card and use it to make cards, bookmarks etc. Its easy to learn and does not take long to do. Here are simple instructions to learn the basic technique. Once you’ve perfected this, you can make many more beautiful designs.

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Make Beautiful Embroidery Thread Designs on Paper Card Stock – Basics – Part 1

final product


Craft materials required:

Thick paper/ card

Embroidery thread ( use all 6 strands for practice)






Draw 2 lines at 90 degrees to each other , 15 cm long each.

Starting from the intersection , mark a point every 2 cm as shown.


Number each point from 1A to 7A and 1 B to 7 B as shown

Use a needle to pierce a hole at every point you have marked.

Thread your needle.From the back, bring it out of hole numbered 1A.


Take it and insert it through hole 1B


Now, from the back take the needle out through hole 2 B and take it all the way to 2A

The back of your paper should look like this.


Continue from 2 A to 3a, then to 3B, then 4B, then 4A, then 5A, then 5B, then 6B, then 6A, then 7A, and end at 7B.

The end result should look like this.


Congratulations! you have learned the basic design. If you are comfortable with it, go to part 2 ( link to next part) and learn to make a border of a greeting card using this technique.

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