How to Sew a “Lucky Cat” for Saint Patrick’s Day

How to Sew a Shamrock Lucky Cat

Do you want to learn how to make and sew a stuffed animal named “Lucky Cat” for Saint Patrick’s Day? This stuffed cat is covered in shamrocks and isn’t too tough to make. Learn how to make this kitty cat in the following craft tutorial.

Make Embroidered Designs on Card Stock – Basics – Part 2


Make a beautiful embroidered border on your handmade greeting cards with embroidery thread and some sewing skills and impress your family and friends.

Make Embroidered Cards with Embroidery Thread Designs on Card Stock – Basics – Part 1

final product

Do you like to sew? Here’s a new way you can use your sewing skills. Make beautiful designs on card and use it to make cards, bookmarks etc.