Make Recipe Books for Recipes for Mom on Mother’s Day

What Mom or Grandmother doesn’t love getting a personalized recipe book? This one is so special too….It is completely filled with envelopes so your Mom or Grandma can put recipes that they find in magazines or books, and keep them all in one categorized place. Make this for Mother’s Day, for a gift on a birthday, or any other reason you have to show love to your family and friends. Have fun.

Make Recipe Books for Recipes for Mom on Mother’s Day


*notebook, 8Y2 by 11 inches

*decorative paper

*2 pieces of ribbon, each 8 inches long


*colored pencil


*tape measure


Step 1

Paste two pages together on two sides (marked A and B in drawing) and leave side C open. Repeat this until you have 24
“envelopes” in the notebook. Mark each envelope with the kind of recipes to be kept there—Appetizers, Soups, Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Desserts, Drinks, Sandwiches, etc.

Step 2

Glue the pieces of ribbon onto the center of the back and front covers of the notebook.

Step 3

Glue decorative paper onto the covers. Cut the ends of the ribbon on the bias, to prevent fraying. You can make the same file for patterns, bills, or personal letters.

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  1. You can also add another ribbon as a place marker to do it just measure the length of your chosen book, add 4 inches more, then glue 1 inch to the outside spine at the top of your book, glue that piece the same time you do the other 2, then fold it over thru the book, trim the other end to your desired length, then cover the book as directed. I used fabric. I also added a pocket on the inside and put index cards there for new recipes.

    This is also good for covering older recipe books.

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