Make Sewing Box with Step by Step Instructions for Mother’s Day

If your Mother or Grandmother is a big sewer, embroiderer, etc and has a lot of thread, needles, and other sewing supplies, then why not make them a sewing box? Sewing boxes make great Mother’s Day gifts as well as presents for birthdays and other special occasions.  Below you will find easy step by step instructions for putting together a great sewing box. Good luck.

Make Sewing Box with Step by Step Instructions : Make for Mom and Grandma for a Great Gift for Mother’s Day


*empty shoe box

*heavy yarn or cord scraps of gift wrapping paper

*small boxes, of any size

*rubber cement, or other glue

*nail and hammer or paper punch scissors

*tape measure




Step 1

Glue decorative paper all over the shoe box and the cover in patchwork-quilt fashion. The scraps of paper can overlap one another, be upside down or right side up. Put a coat of shellac all over the box.

Step 2


Cover the insides and outsides of the bottoms of smaller boxes (a cheese box, kitchen match box, for instance) with scraps of gift wrapping paper also in patchwork-quilt fashion and see where they fit into the shoe box. Glue them into the box. They will hold yarn spools, small scissors, thimble, and other sewing tools.

Step 3

About 2 inches from the top of the box, in the middle of each side, punch out two holes about 3 inches apart, for the handles of the box. Pull through two lengths of heavy yarn or cord and on the inside make triple or quadruple knots. The box is then finished. If you have money to spare, buy some yarn spools, a thimble, a package of needles, and two or three skeins of embroidery yarn.

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  1. You can simply just mix half water and half clear drying white glue together and use that as shellac.

  2. this thing is tottaly so cool i love this idea since i am a bit losiy for my things thanks this is so helpful thanks again

  3. so cool you could also change it a little and make it a box for small toys or candies 🙂

  4. What up yo this sewing box is hecka tight I like the whol idea of the compartments

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