Make a Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls Holder and Dispenser

Table tennis / ping pong balls are always ready to ping pong into action when you store them in a convenient ejector-dispenser holder. This is a great de-cluttering crafts activity for those who have a ping pong table. All you need are a few items from your house and you are set to making this cool ping pong ball holder and dispenser. Have fun.

How to Make a Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls Holder and Dispenser Crafts Activity for Kids

Crafts Materials Needed:

– cardboard tube from a wax paper roll or paper towel roll, etc.

– cardboard

– scissors

– tape

– ping pong balls

– paper cups

Step 1

Roll a length of cardboard to a diameter (width) slightly smaller than a wax-paper tube, paper towel roll, etc.

Step 2

About two inches from one end cut out a circle the size of a ping pong ball.


Step 3

Tape up the cardboard length into the roll size that fits into the wax-paper tube roll.

Step 4

Now glue small paper cups in place to seal the ends.

Step 5

Slide the cardboard roll inside a wax-paper / paper towel tube roll.

Step 6

Now insert table tennis / ping pong balls through the opening.

At table tennis time, it will be fun to slide the tube open and bounce out a ping pong ball. This is a great way to clean up clutter in your game room or organize and de-clutter your house / basement / game room / child’s room or wherever you have your table tennis / ping pong table.

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