How to Make a Message Board Box Organizational Craft Idea for Kids

If your family practically runs an answer-phone service for you when you’re out, they’ll appreciate this handy message taker box. You can use this as a phone call message organizational center for the rest of the family as well. The box opens up for paper, pens, and pencils.  You have the choice to but a clock face on the top of the box or to put a chalkboard on the top of the box.

How to Make a Message Board Box Organizational Craft Idea for Kids

Crafts Materials Needed:

– prong fastener

– construction paper or cardboard



-cardboard box



-OR chalkboard paint and chalk

Decide whether or not you want a chalkboard or a clock on the top of the box. If you want a chalkboard, skip steps 2 through 5.

If you want the clock on the top of the box, just start with step #1.

Step 1

Use a cigar box, candy box, or other box made of heavy cardboard. Put a note pad and a pencil inside.

Step 2


Glue a construction paper or cardboard clock face on top. You can trace around a bowl or other round object to make a nice circle.

Step 3

Now, take your marker and write out the numbers on the clock. It is easiest to make the clock numbers evenly spaced by writing out the numbers on each quarter … 12, 3, 6, and 9. Then go ahead and draw the numbers in between.

Step 5

Now, either cut the hands out of cardboard or construction paper….make the minutes hand noticeably shorter.

Step 6

Now, take the prong fastener and put it through both hands, the circle shape, and the box. Then open up the prongs in the back of the box. Now the clock’s hands should move smoothly.

Step 7 – If You Want Chalkboard on Top of Message Box

If you want a chalkboard on the top of the box, then take chalkboard paint and give the top of the box several thorough coats of chalkboard paint. Let dry. Put chalk in the box and an eraser.

To use the Message Board Box:

If you are using the clock on the top of the box, set the hands for the time you expect to return home, each time you leave. Your family will be able to tell callers the best time to call back again. If you made the top of the box into a chalkboard message center, then family members and friends can leave messages to each other or take down phone messages.

There is paper and pencils inside the message box…utilize this for messages that need to be portable.  Have fun.

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