Make Bowls & Pottery & Hot Plates with Crepe Paper Streamers

This is a really neat arts and crafts project to make a real, usable bowl, hot plates,  or other type of pottery from normal crepe paper party streamers. You might even have these hanging around the house already. This would make a great crafts project to make a gift for Mom or Grandma on Mother’s Day or for a present for them on their birthdays. Follow the easy directions below.

Make Bowls & Pottery & Hot Plates with Crepe Paper Streamers Craft for Kids

Crafts Materials Needed:

-Crepe Paper Streamers
-Glue or Paste
-Waterproof Varnish or Shellac

Step 1

Obtain several rolls of serpentine crepe paper, each one a different color. Select a roll. Rewind it very, very tightly. To start the rewinding, fold 2 inches of the paper back upon itself to provide extra thickness. You can see this in Fig. 1 .

Step 2


When you reach the end of the roll,select another roll of a different color. Glue the ends of the two rolls together by putting a dab of paste on the roll under the loose end and press the end down. Then place a second dab of paste on top and start the next colored streamer.

Step 3

Continue winding. Each new color is added in the same manner. Continue until you have a disk with a diameter large enough on which to set a hot dish, as you can see in Fig. 3.  Glue the tail of the last roll to the roll itself.

Step 4 – To Make a Hot Plate

Shellac the hotplate pad.

Step 5 – To Make a Bowl Instead

To make a bowl, wind a disk to measure from 4 to 5 inches in diameter. After the winding has been completed, hold the disk in one hand, carefully curve the sides with the thumb of one hand, keeping the bottom flat as you can see in  Fig. 4. It is at this point that you
may come to find out that the winding was not rolled tight enough.

After you are satisfied with the shape of the bowl give it 3 coats of white shellac.  Allow each coat to dry before another is added. Finish the bowl with 2 coats of very good waterproof varnish or shellac.

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