Make a Family Newspaper to Talk About Family News

Every family has news—lots of news—so why not make a family newspaper! This would be a great gift to make for Mom on Mother’s Day or Dad on Father’s Day or for birthdays. For gifts, you can put clever titles like ‘The Best Mom in the World Has Been Found’ … or The Sweetest Mother in the World Has Been Found to Be Timmy’s Mom (if your name is Timmy). This is a great crafts idea that will produce a keepsake to cherish in years to come. Find out how to make a Family Magazine or Newspaper below.

How to Make a Family Newspaper to Talk About Family News – Great Gift Idea for Kids to Make

Crafts Materials Needed

-A ruler

Directions for Making This Arts and Crafts Project:

Step 1

Print the name across the top of a large sheet of paper.

Step 2


Insert a dateline by drawing two parallel lines under the title and printing the date in this space.

Step 3

Divide the rest of the sheet into four columns.

More Instructions

The main news should be put under a two-column headline. Print headlines in pencil or ink. You can write the news itself in longhand.
What’s the main piece of news? Well, it might be a visit from a relative, someone’s graduation from school, a new business venture by some member of the family, a furlough visit of your older brother, a party, or any other event that makes that particular week memorable.

A joke column is always good. You can print the home schedules for washing dishes or doing other chores around the house.
Ask other members of the family to contribute. Father will be glad to offer a parental bit—perhaps some special announcement about a picnic that is being planned.

Maybe one of the other boys or girls will contribute a poem or a funny cartoon.

If the newspaper consists of two or more sheets, they can be bound together by running scotch tape down the edges of the left-hand side of the sheets. The newspaper will then open like a book.

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