How to Make a People Peace Dance Paper Cutout Craft for Martin Luther King Day

Because Martin Luther King Day is approaching, I think we should remember that, even if we are looking different, we are equals and we wish for the same things in life. One of those things is PEACE. Today, Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade will be showing you how to make a Peace Dance out of paper.

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peace dance


– paper
– scissors
– pencil
– colored pencils

Step 1.

Take one corner of the paper and bend it to the opposite side.

Step 2.

Press well the edge…

… and then, with the scissor cut the remaining part of paper.

Step 3.

Now, we have a triangle. Set it on the table with the peak to you. Bring the right corner over the left one, like in the picture.

We have now a smaller triangle. Press well the new formed edge.


Step 4.

Set the triangle on the table with the bigger edge to you.

Then bring again the right corner over the left one.

Now, we have an even smaller triangle who have on one side 3 corners one over the other, and on the other side, only one corner.

Step 5.

Let the triangle folded, with the 3 corners one over the other in the left.

Draw with the pencil two silhouettes – one girl and one boy, like in the following picture.

Step 6.

With the scissor cut out the silhouettes from the paper, following the contour. First the lower part…

… then the upper part. Take care at the hands of the silhouettes because they should be merged, so don’t cut them on the paper edge.

On this point you should have :

Step 7.

Look at the boy’s hand. You’ll see that can be opened:

Gently, pull the detachable corners and you’ll have 4 kids.

Repeat that and …

Mmm, it looks good. Look very carefully: can you open it more?

Yes, you can !
Now, you have the “peace dance”.

Step 8.

The last step:

You can play with coloured pencils, to make the dance full of joy. Don’t forget to make kids with different skin colours, because we are all equals, we like to play, to dance… we like Peace. I begin to play with colours. What are you waiting for?

… and most important: HAVE FUN!

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