How to Make a Indian Girl out of Paper with Printable Foldable Papercraft

Well, earlier today we made an Indian boy out of paper.  It would make sense that I would post an Indian girl next.  If you thought that, you are absolutely right.  Indians were a very important part of Thanksgiving happening at all.  They taught the Pilgrims how to grow food…. before that the Pilgrims were starving to death.  After the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to grow food they had an amazing harvest and that’s how Thanksgiving came about.  So, let’s make our Indian Girl out of paper.

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How to Make a Indian Girl out of Paper


Materials Needed

Paper or Card Stock





Below is the printable template.  Click on the image to make larger and to print.

Printable template for Indian girl paper craft


How To:

Cut out items on template… make sure to cut around tabs carefully.  Fold on lines and glue tabs together.  When dry glue feathers on to headband.  Glue the braids on the sides of the head.  Your finished Indian girl should look like this.

This is how your Indian Girl should look.


Isn’t the Indian girl adorable.  She is very cute.  And, she will look even better beside all the Thanksgiving characters like the TurkeyPilgrim girl, Pilgrim boy and the Indian boy Make sure to do them all.

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