How to Make Paper Circle Ornaments for Christmas

I have a fun craft for you today….I am going to show you how to make Paper Circle Ornaments for Christmas.  And, I’m not going to just show you one Paper Circle Ornament…. I’m going to show you four different ones.   They are so creative and beautiful…. you could even decorate an entire tree with these ornaments…. how fun would that be?  All of these ornaments are made of paper circles. To make drawing circles easy, you can use cups or tin cans or something like this. Draw around them, as illustrated. So, let’s get started.

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How to Make Paper Circle Ornaments


Materials Needed




Needle and Thread

Tin Cans (2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter)





Paper Spiral Circles Ornaments

Spiral circles can be made out of any paper, as long as it is not too stiff to spiral downward gracefully. Foil covered paper makes an attractive spiral, because any little breeze will cause the ornament to swing around and show the colors alternately. Start cutting from the edge and work towards the centers, leaving enough paper in the middle for hanging.



Paper Chains of Bells Ornaments

Chains of bells are made with four or more half circles of lightweight paper, and as many short sections of drinking straws, threaded together alternately. Glue the bells, and assemble the ornament after these are dry. Work from the bottom up, first tying the end of the thread around a straw section, then a bell, and so forth. Make a loop at the top of the thread for hanging.



Paper Double Bells Ornaments

Double bells can be made of stiffer paper, and if paper with a contrasting reverse is not available, glue two sheets together and cut out the circle. Find the center point, then cut from the outer edge of the circle to center point. Then bend one end up and one end down, and glue the ends. Hold with the fingers a minute to give the glue a chance to set, otherwise the springiness of the paper will pull the ornament apart.



Paper Circle Ball Ornaments

Circle balls are made with at least six full circles, in two or more contrasting colors. More circles can be used, if the children want to take the time. Construction paper in bright colors is good for this ornament. Fold and crease each circle down the center. Glue together halves of two different circles, glue the next one on, and so forth. When all the circles are glued on, glue the last to the first, and include a looped thread for hanging.

There you go…. now you know how to make 5 different types of Paper Circle Ornaments for Christmas.  They are all very unique to one another that you could easily make a few of each to decorate your Christmas tree this Holiday season.

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