How Mommy and You Make Spaghetti Octopus Dogs

Do you want a fun cooking craft to make with your kids? Here is a super easy and tasty edible craft to make. You can call these Octopus or Squid Dogs – Either way, they are super cool to look at and super yummy to eat. Find out how to make these below. This is a craft that the parent / adult does most of the work.

Spaghetti Octopus Dogs

Crafts Materials Needed:

Hot Dogs, Spaghetti or Linguini, Large Pot, Water, Stove

Step 1

Step 1 Hot Dog Squids Octopus Dogs

Cut up each hot dog into quarters.



Step 2

Step 2a Hot Dog Squids

Now you can stick spaghetti or linguini into the hot dogs. To make a squid, just push the spaghetti thru the center. To make an octopus (like we did), push the spaghetti in both directions (2 one way and 2 the other).


A View of All of Them Done

Step 2b Hot Dog Squids

Step 3

Step 3 Hot Dog Squids

Have Mom or Dad put them into large pot of boiling water. Take them out when spaghetti is finished.


Step 4

Hot Dog Squids Octopus Dogs

Place them on a plate and eat them … yummy.

OR Eat Them on a Hot Dog Bun

step5 Hot Dog Squid Sandwiches

Or eat them in a hot dog bun and call it an Octopus Sandwich or a Squid Sandwich. Yummy.

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