How Mommy and You Make Spaghetti Octopus Dogs

Do you want a fun cooking craft to make with your kids? Here is a super easy and tasty edible craft to make. You can call these Octopus or Squid Dogs – Either way, they are super cool to look at and super yummy to eat. Find out how to make these below. This is a craft that the parent / adult does most of the work.

Spaghetti Octopus Dogs

Crafts Materials Needed:

Hot Dogs, Spaghetti or Linguini, Large Pot, Water, Stove

Step 1

Step 1 Hot Dog Squids Octopus Dogs

Cut up each hot dog into quarters.



Step 2

Step 2a Hot Dog Squids

Now you can stick spaghetti or linguini into the hot dogs. To make a squid, just push the spaghetti thru the center. To make an octopus (like we did), push the spaghetti in both directions (2 one way and 2 the other).


A View of All of Them Done

Step 2b Hot Dog Squids

Step 3

Step 3 Hot Dog Squids

Have Mom or Dad put them into large pot of boiling water. Take them out when spaghetti is finished.

Step 4

Hot Dog Squids Octopus Dogs

Place them on a plate and eat them … yummy.

OR Eat Them on a Hot Dog Bun

step5 Hot Dog Squid Sandwiches

Or eat them in a hot dog bun and call it an Octopus Sandwich or a Squid Sandwich. Yummy.

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How to Make an Octopus Toy

Today I’m going to show you how to make a cute Octopus toy out of yarn.  The craft is an easy one, but it is sure to be a lot of fun.  This Octopus toy would make a great gift to give to somebody this Holiday Season.  Or, if you like…. keep the toy for yourself.  Make a few and give your Octopus a friend.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade will show you how to make this toy step-by-step.



– string and needles

– scissors

– yarn

– glass or foam ball

– something flat – a book or a board (if you want a big octopus, you’ll need a bigger book)


Step 1

Let’s start by wrapping the yarn around the flat thing.
Take care not to wrap too tight or it will be hard to work with later.

Step 2

When you have a good thickness, we can cut the end.

Cut a small piece of yarn …

… slip it under your cluster …

… and tie it at one edge of the book.


Step 3

Use the scissors to cut the opposite end that you tied on.

Now you should have a long bunch of string tied in the middle.


Step 4

Take the ball and tuck it under the middle.

Hold the yarn under the ball. Take care to wrap the ball completely.

Take another piece of yarn, wrap it around the bunch a couple times and tie it with a double knot.

It will look like this.


Step 5

Split the yarn in many even sections…

… and cut little pieces of yarn that you’ll use later to tie every section.

Split every section in 3 parts, braid and then tie it.

Repeat for the other sections. It’s no problem if you loose some sections, but take care to have enough of them and even enough. I started with 8 sections but in the final I have only 6.


Step 6

Let’s make the face 🙂
You can sew the eyes…

… like this.

You can let a little bit of thread at every eye to make a cute octopus – girl, with long eyelashes.

Finally, sew the mouth too.

I like trying to sew the face but you can glue beads on it or you can paint it. Just… have fun.

Isn’t he cute?!  Are you going to keep him for yourself or are you going to give it as a gift this Holiday Season?  Whatever you decide to do he is sure to be loved.

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