How to Make Valentines Day Cards with Fist Holding Lollipops

I saw somewhere a handmade Valentine’s Day card with a little girl or boy holding a lollipop and I thought it was so cool. It stuck in my mind and I decided to try it out for my daughter’s Valentine’s Day card that goes out to her classmates. This is a great way to personalize your child’s Valentine’s Day card … as it display’s your child within the card. Now in a perfect situation, I would have printed this card out with colors, but of course I ran out of ink. And, I also would have printed this out on white card stock, however Walmart only had card stock in bright colors. So, decided for yourself which elements you want your card to have. Have fun.

Also, this is a craft that has to be mostly done by and adult…as a craft knife is needed. Also, you need to prepare the image on the computer…so if you have an older child and they know how to do this, then by all means, let them help.

     How to Make Valentines Day Cards with Fist Holding Lollipops

Crafts Materials Needed:

Computer, Printer, Card Stock, Lollipops, Scissors, Craft Knife (for Only Mom or Dad to Use)

Step 1

step1 : Take a Picture of Your Child

Ask your child to hold out their hand in a fist. Do a better job than I did. I am an awful photographer. Oh well.

Step 2

step2 : Print Out Pictures of Child

I too k my picture into Adobe Photoshop. I then cut her cute little arm off and made it bigger so the hand looked closer / larger. This is NOT a necessary step if you are a better photographer. 🙂

Then make 4 of them so they are the right size for a Valentine’s day card.


Step 3

step3 Cut Cards Into Separate Cards

Cut into 4 separate cards.

Step 4

step4 Cut Slits in Card and Put Lollipops Thru

(For Parents / Adults Only). Take a craft knife. and cut on the left AND right side of the fist. Then put the lollipop thru like this.

Step 5

step5 : Hand Out Your Cards

Once you get the hang of it, they are really easy to make. Make sure to make enough for all of your child’s classmates.

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