How to Make an Earth Day Soda Bottle flower light

This flower light bulb craft is a great way to spend a rainy weekend, and also a terrific way to teach kids about recycling and reusing everyday objects. Explain to your child that there’s more than one way to recycle one thing into something else. You can turn used soda bottles into a string of flower lights for spring!

How to Make an Earth Day Soda Bottle Flower Light


Crafts Materials Needed


String of small lights
A 16 oz soda bottle
Craft foam
Paint suitable for plastic (I used Calypso All-Purpose Acrylic Paint which dried nicely and fast)
Craft foam in green
Floral wire
Tape (green tape or floral tape optional)


1. Cut off the top section of the bottle.

2. Trim the cut end into petal shapes. Child-size scissors (and hands!) are good for this as they can maneuver more easily inside the bottle.



3. Paint the outside of the bottle and allow to dry.


4. While the paint is drying, cut two 5″ pieces of floral wire. Wrap around the base of the flower as shown, twisting the ends on each side of the base.


5. Cut petal shapes into a 2″ x 5″ piece of green craft foam.


6. When paint is dry, wrap petal piece around the base of the flower as shown. I used green floral tape to cover the regular clear tape I had used to make it look neater and prettier.


7. Insert a light into the hole in the base. Then take each set of two floral wire ends and wrap around the light string as seen above.


Voila, you have your own flower light! Repeat the process as many times as you’d like to string the lights around the yard for a party or in your child’s room.

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