How to Make Hanukkah Decorative Candle Craft for Jewish Kids

Hanukkah starts tonight so forgive me for not putting up some crafts earlier. This arts and crafts project is to learn how to make your own candles to decorate your house as you celebrate Hanukkah . Its fun to make, and totally child- safe!! Have Fun.


How to Make Hanukkah Decorative Candle Craft for Jewish Kids

Craft materials required:

White paper

Toilet roll

blue marker



Gold paper


Step 1

Cut a strip of white paper to go around the toilet paper roll thats longer than the roll, as shown.


Step 2

Roll it around and glue it as shown.


Step 3

Fold in the ends as shown.


Step 4

Using an ice cream stick, trace out the two flames as shown on the back side of the gold paper.


Step 5

Cut out the two flames as shown


Step 6

Glue them to either end of the ice cream stick as shown


Step 7

Decorate the outside with a blue marker as shown.


Step 8

Tape or glue the ice cream stick to the inside of the toilet paper roll as shown.



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Make a Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls Holder and Dispenser

Table tennis / ping pong balls are always ready to ping pong into action when you store them in a convenient ejector-dispenser holder. This is a great de-cluttering crafts activity for those who have a ping pong table. All you need are a few items from your house and you are set to making this cool ping pong ball holder and dispenser. Have fun.

How to Make a Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls Holder and Dispenser Crafts Activity for Kids

Crafts Materials Needed:

– cardboard tube from a wax paper roll or paper towel roll, etc.

– cardboard

– scissors

– tape

– ping pong balls

– paper cups

Step 1

Roll a length of cardboard to a diameter (width) slightly smaller than a wax-paper tube, paper towel roll, etc.

Step 2

About two inches from one end cut out a circle the size of a ping pong ball.

Step 3

Tape up the cardboard length into the roll size that fits into the wax-paper tube roll.

Step 4

Now glue small paper cups in place to seal the ends.

Step 5

Slide the cardboard roll inside a wax-paper / paper towel tube roll.

Step 6

Now insert table tennis / ping pong balls through the opening.

At table tennis time, it will be fun to slide the tube open and bounce out a ping pong ball. This is a great way to clean up clutter in your game room or organize and de-clutter your house / basement / game room / child’s room or wherever you have your table tennis / ping pong table.

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