Keepsake Easter Eggs Decorating Craft for Kids


Every year, there are a hundred celebrations and events that I want to keep something from.  Sometimes my keepsakes are countless photographs, while at other times, those keepsakes are little toys, pieces of artwork, or a dozen other little things. The main point is that I have something to remember the event by.  Easter, while filled with many photographs, has always been something that I could never keep something from.  Every year, a few days before Easter Sunday, I would break out the eggs and boil them up for dying.  Then my children and I would spend a few hours creating small masterpieces on the eggs.  Unfortunately, hard boiled eggs never last and I would have to throw away everything that had taken so long to make.

That was until I realized that there was a way to keep the eggs without any worry of them becoming rotten and that is what I will share with you today; making your own keepsake Easter eggs.

Keepsake Easter Eggs Decorating Craft for Kids : How to Make These Decorated Easter Eggs with Your Children



Gather all the crafts materials you need:

  • Eggs (about a dozen and I prefer to use the large sized eggs)
  • Easter Egg Dye Kit
  • Bowl
  • Needle
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Vinegar (for the dye)

1.     Before you begin, take a few minutes to wash the eggs since you will need to put your mouth on the shell. This cuts down on any risk of salmonella.


2.    This stage of the project will need to be done by an adult to prevent any injuries.  Once the eggs are washed, take the needle and carefully push it through the tip (or top) of the egg.  Carefully remove a few pieces of shell so you have a small whole in one end of the egg.  Repeat the process with the other end so that you have a hole on both ends of the egg. (Note: This should be the top and bottom of the oval and not the sides of the egg.)


3.   When you have a hole in both sides, insert a long needle into the hole and swirl it around the inside of the egg.  The goal is to break the yolk and remove the membrane from the sides of the egg.  If you miss this stage you won’t be able to clean out the egg.


4.   Wipe off the egg white that has leaked out of the top of the egg and then place your lips around the hole.  Firmly blow into the egg while you have the egg resting over a bowl.  The egg should pour out of the other hole but if it doesn’t, repeat the swirling with needle until you are sure that the yolk has broken.  Continue to blow until all the yolk and egg white is removed from the inside of the shell.


5.    Now that the eggs are ready, wipe off any excess egg white or yolk and set aside.  Prepare the egg dye according to the directions on the package.  (Most egg dyes use vinegar but not all of them do.)


6.   Have your child dye the eggs.  If you want to add layers to the design, you can actually use wax (or crayons) to draw on designs before you dye the eggs.  Once the egg is dyed, you can wipe off the wax to display the design.  When you remove the eggs from the dye, make sure that you allow them to drain completely since the shells will fill up with the dye.


7.   Dry the eggs completely and then finish decorating them with stickers (optional)


On Easter, the eggs can be used for the egg hunt or they can be used to make beautiful decorations.  One of the best things about blowing the eggs before you dye them is that you can use them for crafts, ornaments or you can simply pack them into an egg carton (with your child’s name and the year on each egg) and place them into your keepsake box.


So if you are looking for a way to decorate eggs that you can keep, then this is definitely the way to do it.



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