Make an Easter Duck Sitting on Eggs in Nest Card Arts & Crafts for Kids

This is an adorable Easter Card Idea for kids. We have provided both a color and black and white coloring page printout version of this Easter Mother duck sitting on eggs in nest card. The duck can have an Easter card message and slip right into and out of the nest. It is a great idea for preschoolers, school aged children, and teens as well.

Keepsake Easter Eggs Decorating Craft for Kids


On Easter, these Easter eggs made from the following Easter Egg decoration crafts project can be used for the egg hunt or they can be used to make beautiful decorations. One of the best things about blowing the eggs before you dye them is that you can use them for crafts, ornaments or you can simply pack them into an egg carton (with your child’s name and the year on each egg) and place them into your keepsake box.