Make Bulletin Boards to Organize Family Events

It is so hard to get everything organized and de-cluttered when you have kids. If you have a lot of dates, appointments, grocery list items, messages, and other important facts straight, then why not make a family oriented family board. Making this family bulletin board can help you and your kids more organized and help you remember dates and other important information and appointments. The easy to make instructions are as follows…this is perfect for Moms and Dads to make or for kids to make as a gift for Mom or Dad … or to even make for their own room.

How to Make Bulletin Boards to Organize Family Events with the Following Arts & Crafts Activity for Kids


*A large piece of heavy cardboard








Everyone in the family will thank you for this cool idea!

Step 1

Cut a heavy piece of cardboard about 3 by 4 feet.

Step 2


Draw and color a simple border around the cardboard.

Step 3

Write “Family Bulletin Board”, or any other name you choose, in crayon across the top.

There are many ways you can decorate and arrange this easy-to-make bulletin board. Here are some suggestions:

Divide your board with crayon lines into three divisions. Print column headings like “Grocery List”, “Messages”, “Regular Chores”, etc. Under the Grocery List heading, tack up a pad. Tie two or three pencils to strings and tack them up next to the pad.

Draw a box in one corner and push about 20 thumbtacks in it. These will be used for tacking up messages. You might want to print the most important telephone numbers, like Daddy’s phone number or the doctor’s phone number in a space marked “Phone Numbers”.

Tack up a small calendar. Under the heading Chores, you can list the things that are to be done on certain days, like you’re to cut the grass on Fridays, or your sister is to take her piano lessons on Tuesdays, or the laundry is to be called for on Mondays.

It is nice to record family appointments like picnics and visiting grandma in a box headed “Special Announcements”. You’ll find that everyone in the family will make much use of your very practical bulletin board.

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