Make Picture Folder Gift with Accordion Fold Out Photo Holder

This is a special arts and crafts project for kids who want to make a special gift for Mom or Dad for a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This is a fold-out, accordion-style photo book / folder. You can either use real photos or make your own comic book or use pictures from a magazine to make a funny story. This is a great craft to build imagination or to give as a gift to a loved one or friend.

How to Make Picture Folder Gift with Accordion Fold Out Photo Holder Craft Idea for Kids


*About 6 sheets of paper (old letterheads, writing paper, shelf paper)

*A jar of paste

*old pictures from magazines or special photos


*pencil (or crayons)


You can have a wonderful time making up this picture folder, either with a friend or by yourself.

Step 1


Paste 6 or 8 sheets of paper together, end to end, the long way. The picture above shows you how to do this. This will make a very long strip of paper.

Step 2

Fold this, accordion fashion, leaving about 4 inches between each fold, so that you will have 12 to 16 spaces. To fold accordion style, you fold forward then backwards, forwards, then backwards…see the picture above.

Step 3

Now choose whether you want to make this with family or friend photos to give to a loved one or friend as a gift or whether you want to make this a fun, fictional, made up comic book or story.

Directions for Making Fold Out, Accordion Style Photo Book Folder

Now just paste special pictures or photos on to each page. The Fun Part is Making Clever or Funny Captions. Make sure that it is okay to use special photos on this photograph project. ASK YOUR MOM OR DAD FIRST!!!!


Directions for Making a Fictional – Fun Story Picture Folder or Fold Out Comic Book

A picture folder is going to be made. The first thing you must do is choose a subject. Let’s suppose that the idea you’re going to work on is “My Life as a Movie Star.” Cut out appropriate pictures for your subject from old magazines. Then paste these pictures on the accordion folder, one picture on a square. You print a title on the folder for each picture. This will be loads of fun because you will be creating a story.
For example, if you decide on “My Life as a Movie Star,” the first picture might be that of a crying baby. It could be entitled “How I looked when I first went into the movies.” The next picture could be that of an older baby in a carriage, which you might call “When I won first prize in the Atlantic City Baby Parade.” In this way, you follow the subject through the years with a picture pasted on each space of your Accordion Folder. Of course, you can use both sides of your folder, as shown in the picture.
Some good subjects are: “My Experiences as a Flyer;” “My Wedding;” “My Summer Vacation;” “When I Was an Explorer.”
It’s great fun to make up a humorous folder. Cut out comic pictures and give them humorous titles. For instance, you might entitle a picture “My Student Days at State College,” the picture being that of someone sleeping deeply, apparently snoring loudly. If you made up a whole folder of this type, you could display it at a party. Your friends will have great fun reading it. They, very likely, will start making up folders themselves as soon as possible, and you’ll be starting a very enjoyable fad.

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  2. It was soooooooooo super easy to make, my 2 year old made it and i didint even read the directions to her!!!!!

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  5. Instead of pasting all of these pages together, why not just take a long sheet sheet of paper and fold them like an accordian? I would think that the pasting would come apart when folded. Just a thought…

  6. That is a very good idea! The reason I did that is because I didn’t think of the pockets until after I had already photographed it. LOL

  7. ……I needed something urgent, couldn’t think of anything for craft class for my students, (brainlock) had 1 hour to come up with something, then saw this….saved my day and boss was happy too, :O)

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    I am going to make a “get well” card for my best friend who broke his leg!

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  13. this is such a cool craft!!!!!! I am an aid for my cousin’s daisy troop and this was a cool craft that I made for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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