How to Make Native American / Indian Girl Moccasins Costume

This is a really cute idea to make a Native American Indian Girl Moccasins for a Costume or to just play dress up. This arts and crafts project is easy enough for kids to do, as long as they know how to sew as this project requires sewing pieces of felt together. This is a great arts and crafts project for girls and teens who want to make their own Halloween Costumes this year.

Shadow Boxing : How to Make Shadow Boxes from Cardboard Boxes

This is a great crafts project idea for kids and teen who want to display their trophies, nick nacks, pottery, and ornaments in these modern shadow boxes. You can make them from corrugated boxes that you find around your house. If you want to decorate your room, and at the same time de-clutter your desk or shelves, then shadow boxing if the crafts activity for you.

How to Make a Message Board Box Organizational Craft Idea for Kids

If your family practically runs an answer-phone service for you when you’re out, they’ll appreciate this handy message taker box. You can use this as a phone call message organizational center for the rest of the family as well. The box opens up for paper, pens, and pencils. You have the choice to but a clock face on the top of the box or to put a chalkboard on the top of the box.